2024 Tourney 2

Clarks HILL, South Carolina


KIRBC 2024

Tourney 2
1. All members must obey SCDNR rules and regulations. 2. All members & guest must conduct themselves in an appropriate manner 3. No live bait allowed. 4. No trolling or long lining allowed. 5. Snatching is not allowed and when sight fishing all fish must be hooked in the mouth. 6. There is no dead fish penalty. 7. All bass must be 14” regardless of lake rules. 8. If you are late to weigh-in you will be disqualified unless you are broken down. If this happens, notify Jeremy Medlock @ 803-391-1701 or Clay Riddle @ 803-760-6934 9. If a team is late for blast off, they must notify Jeremy Medlock @ 803-391-1701 or Clay Riddle @ 803-760-6934 and let them know they are fishing. Fees can be paid at weigh-in. 10. In the event of a tie, the payouts will be split. For example: If there is a tie between 1st and 2nd then those payouts will be combined and divided by 2. If 3rd and 4th then 3rd place payout will be split. 11. Club Membership fee is $100 per boat 12. Annual Big Fish is $20 per person and must be paid prior to the 1st tournament. The Annual Big Fish can only be won by a member, substitute anglers are not eligible. Big Fish of the year includes all tournaments and fish off. 13. Tournament entry fees are $80/boat per tournament with a $10 optional side pot (Smallest 5 legal fish) Each boat can only weigh 1 bag & $10 optional side pot Big Fish 14. Each Tournament will offer an additional optional side pot of $20 (Additional side pots between teams is allowed) 15. In order to qualify for the two day fish off, a team must fish or pay for 8 tournaments! Absentee tournament fees must be paid prior to the tournament to receive points!! 16. Each team is allowed 4 substitute anglers per year 17. Club members are allowed to substitute for a different team during the regular season, but not the fish off. 18. Points will be calculated as follows: The winner of each tournament will receive 200 points, 2nd place 199 points, 3rd place 189 points, etc….. 19. If a team pays for a tournament but does not weigh, they will receive 1 point less than the last place team. If a team does not pay for a tournament they will receive zero points. 20. In the case of a points tie between teams at the end of the year. Tiebreaker will be total weight for the year. 21. THE ANNUAL POINTS CHAMPIONS WILL RECEIVE A $500 BONUS THAT WILL BE PAID OUT AFTER THE FINAL TOURNAMENT BUT BEFORE THE TWO DAY FISH OFF. THE POINTS CHAMPIONS WILL BE DECIDED AFTER THE 11TH TOURNAMENT. 22. Tournaments with 20 boats or less will blast off together and tournaments with more than 20 boats will draw numbered chips for blast off order. Clay Riddle will make the call to blast off. All tournament weigh-in times are at 3:00 pm with the exception of July & August which will be 1:00 pm. All boats must be within the NO WAKE ZONE before designated weigh-in time. 23. SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY: Please be safe and take your time during the initial blast off. 24. KIRBC CLUB MEETINGS WILL BE HELD THE 2nd THURSDAY OF EVERY MONTH @ 7:00PM. CLUB MEETINGS WILL BE HELD AT CLAY RIDDLE’S PLACE. KEEPING IT REEL 2024 Officers: Clay Riddle 803-760-6934 riddle.clay@yahoo.com Terry Morris 803-924-4466 skeetermans.c.@gmail.com Kevin Banks 803-608-5175 banks2000@bellsouth.net Jeremy Medlock 803-391-1701 Jmedlock@tyler-construction.com Wayne Jeffcoat 803-622-4730 wjeffcoat@msahealthcare.com Hunter Enlow 803-940-1829 hunterenlow77@gmail.com Tommie Cochran 803-309-5684 cochranbuilders@gmail.com

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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