Lake Gladewater

Lake Gladewater, Texas


East Texas Gusher Days Big Bass Classic 2024

1. All state fishing and safety rules must be observed. 2. Coast Guard Approved life preserver must be worn when big engine is running. 3. Artificial lures only, pork grind OK. no trolling permitted. 4. All fish must be 14 inches or longer. All fish must be alive. No fish that has been on ice will be weighed. 5. Must be in weigh-in line by 2 PM. No exceptions. You can weigh in earlier, no ties, earliest weighed will win. Can weigh any number of bass but only one can enter the competition. 6. No fishing until 6 AM. After check-in, you may leave the dock, but you cannot cast until 6 AM. 7. Check in will start at 4:30 AM at the city dock. Tournament officials reserve the right to check any boat, well etc. A ramp permit will not be necessary at the time of tournament only. 8. All fish become the property of the East Texas Gusher Days Tournament 9. Conduct deemed unsportsmanlike by the tournament Director are grounds for disqualification Must be present to win Any disputes or questions will be considered and settled by the weight-in master and the tournament chairman. Their decision will be final. A polygraph test can be used at the tournament directors discretion.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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