Cherokee Lake

Cherokee Lake, Kentucky


Tackle Spot Bass Tournament

The Tackle Spot Bass Club Rules 2024 RULES: Full Membership Cost for the club: $50.00 per person 3 persons max per boat, only if one is 15 or under. At least one person in the boat must be a full member of the club. 3 fish per boat at weigh in. Culling only outside the marina area. Size limits and sporting rules according to lake regulations. Entry fee $80.00 per boat; cash only. Life vests should be worn during the operation of the big motor. 8 hours max per tournament. $10.00 big fish pot and $10.00 for fish-off will be taken from each boat’s entry fee. Weigh masters fish free if we have more than 6 paid boats. Scales will close 15 minutes after tournament end time unless conditions warrant they stay open longer. No walking docks to fish. (At least one foot on the boat when casting) Fish-off is free to qualifying boats who have fished at least 7 tournaments. Team of the year gets $200.00 bonus Points awarded to team of the year are pounds weighed in.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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