Stop 1 White Oak Park

Calcasieu River, Louisiana


The Poormans Tournament Trial

Our first Tournament Stop will be at White Oak Park on the Calcasieu River. Blast off will start at sunrise with random selection choosing what order each team heads out. Sign up and live well checks need to be done by 6:15am at the latest.
Be respectful to your fellow fisherman. No fishing within 50 yards of another boat without permission. Each tournament will have bounds you must honor and stay inside of . There will be a .25lb penalty for each dead fish. Live wells will be checked before each event . Each boat will be given a number marker at each event. That number marker must be inside the weigh in basket at the weigh before 3:01 or your fish will not be accepted for weight. There will be a pay out for every 7 boats entered to each tournament.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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