Local 359 – 469 Team Crappie

Roosevelt Lake, Arizona


Local 359 – Local 469 Team Bass Tournament

Details Entry: Bass (Largemouth & Smallmouth Only) Big fish included $100 per team (two people). Optional: Crappie (Big fish included) $20 per team (two people). Who: This is a team tournament-two people per boat. One person per team must be a local 359 or local 469 member or contractor. NO exceptions! Sign In: Friday, October 27, 2023, 4:30pm-8:00pm in the Windy Hill boat ramp parking lot. Saturday, October 2023 4:30am-6:00am in the Windy Hill boat ramp parking lot. Tournament Date: Saturday, October 28, 2023 at safelight am at the Windy Hill boat ramp. WEIGH IN is at 3:30pm, NO exceptions! RSVP: Email: michaelpair@mlp-consulting.com Or call: Michael Pair (602) 531-5645 or Jeff Butler (602) 359-0517 Rules • Contestants must read the rules and sign the registration form before the tournament. Any changes will be posted at the sign in • One person per team must be either a local 359 or local 469 Member, or a 359 or 469 Contractor, No Exceptions! • Winning local will be calculated by the total weight from the top 3 teams represented from each local. Each team can only represent either 359 or 469. • All winning teams will split prize money. • All contestants must leave and return to the starting place by boat. • Tournament participants are prohibited from fishing or casting within 100 feet of all marina dock facilities to include slips, fueling areas, and courtesy docks • Two people per boat only • Six fish per Team Bass (Largemouth & Small-mouth Only) • Six fish per Team Crappie • Live bait okay • All Roosevelt Lake Park Rules and Regulations must be obeyed. Water safety must be a priority. Local 359 & Local 469 are co-sponsoring this tournament for some friendly competition with our union brothers. All registration paperwork and entry fees will be accepted at the lake in cash only. EXHIBIT A 2023 OPERATING PLAN · The holder will ensure that all event participants pay applicable day-use or camping fees with-in fee sites. If vehicles are parked in boat ramp parking lots, the proper display of a valid fee receipt or annual pass is required to enable fee compliance personnel to confirm that proper payment has been made for the use of the area. · Tournament participants are prohibited from fishing or casting within 100 feet of all marina dock facilities to include slips, fueling areas, and courtesy docks. · Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to imply permission to build any structure or conduct any activity not specifically named. · There are certain natural conditions that could be encountered that present risks which the participants assume. All participants will be advised of conditions, which might be encountered. · All vehicles will remain on existing roads and park in designated areas. · Use of the permitted areas by the general public will not be restricted by this use. · The holder will help ensure that all event participants follow all applicable camping and day-use regulations within applicable recreation sites. If necessary, the Forest Officer may direct the holder to use specific sites for participant camping. Participants will not camp overnight in areas where camping is prohibited, such as, boat ramp parking areas. Areas may not be cordoned off, barricaded, or reserved for camping without written authorization from the Forest Officer. · If there is any question concerning regulations on National Forest System lands, please contact us immediately. Group security needs are your responsibility. You may wish to notify a local Sheriff’s Deputy of the details of your activity. · Disorderly or otherwise objectionable conduct, will not be tolerated, and could be the basis for denial of similar agreements in the future. · The holder will ensure that all event participants adhere to all laws related to boating and fishing, as enforced by the appropriate County Sheriff’s Office and the Arizona Game and Fish Department. · Tournaments will have “ooze starts” from outside the buoy line with 2-4 boats at a time. Shotgun starts are not permitted. · Noise shall be kept to a reasonable level to ensure minimum disturbance to the general public using the site. Authorization is required from the Forest Officer to operate a public address system for these events. Quiet time is from 9:00 pm to 6:00 am. · No signs, flags, or advertising devices shall be erected on the area or roads leading to the event site. The existing signs and information provided prior to the event will help ensure that all event participants locate the event staging area. · Any events scheduled at the Marinas will be coordinated in advance with the Marina operators. · The holder or identified representative will have a copy of this Temporary Special-Use Permit and Operating Plan in their possession while conducting operations on the Forest. All entrants must be made aware that they are recreating on the Tonto National Forest. · Weigh-in/staging areas will be established and agreed to prior to the event by the holder and the Forest Officer. · The permit holder must prevent the spread of quagga mussels and other invasive species by abiding by the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s laws described in Attachment 1. · Tournament cancellations will only be accepted by email and must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the scheduled tournament. Acknowledgement Form: I, the undersigned, do hereby understand and acknowledge all policies and procedures as indicated in the enclosed rules. My signature below both waive and re-lease U.A. Local 469 Plumbers & Pipefitters, members and affiliates of U.A. Local 469, Local 359 Sheet Metal Workers, members and affiliates of SMART Local 359, and MLP Consulting and MLP Consulting employees, and all contestants from any and all damages and or in-juries that may arise during the above-mentioned tournament. I further understand, that U.A. Local 469 Plumbers and Pipefitters, SMART Local 359 Sheet Metal Workers, and MLP Consulting reserve the right to disqualify any contestant for any violation of the rules, thereby forfeiting the entry fee.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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