Falls Lake, North Carolina


Goodyear AC Crew

TOURNAMENT ENTRY– $100.00 per boat, includes BIG FISH 1. Open tournament. 2. BIG FISH—NO MINIMUM WEIGHT- Single position 1. In the event of a tie, the Big Fish fund will be evenly divided. 3. PAY OUT- All monies to be paid out each tournament as follows 2. Pay out is 1n4 3. 1 position pay is 100% 2 position pay is 60-40% 3 position pay is 50-30-20% 4. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED Unless unavoidable situation arises 5. LIVE-WELL INSPECTIONS- will be done at registration. Failure to comply will result in disqualification from the tournament. 6. BLAST-OFF POSITION – Blast-off position is to be determined by random drawing. 7. ALL North Carolina wildlife rules and regulations are to be followed. 8. SAFETY- Life Jackets must be worn while boat is in plane. 9. NO DRUGS, OR ALCOHOL is to be consumed during tournament hours. 10. State rules applies east of 95 all fish 14" minimum. West of 95 2 fish 12"-14" all others must be over 14" (Harris slot limit in effect) 11. CULLING-Fish must be culled immediately when the five (5) fish limit is reached. 12. NO TROLLING, NO LIVE BAIT, and NO MORE THAN ONE ROD (1) AT A TIME. 13. SIGHT FISHING- Bass must be hooked inside mouth to be legal. 14. WEIGH IN 1. Scales will be open at Tournament End 2. NO LATE WEIGH-INS ALLOWED- Partner or Boat must be on hill by tournament end 3. One (1) member of each team MUST report to Weigh-Master at tournament end. 4. ALL FISH must be brought to scales in a weigh-in bag. *Bags can be provided if needed* 5. 1/2 lb. penalty per dead fish. 6. One courtesy measurement on a fish and 1lb penalty for every short fish thereafter. 7. In the event only 1 legal fish is weighed in, that boat will receive entire prize fund. 8. Should no legal fish be weighed in, all funds will be paid into the next tournament. Fund. 15. PROTESTS MUST BE MADE PRIOR TO PAYOUT 1. The Board of Directors will make the decision on protests. ALL DECISIONS ARE FINAL. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Club President Adam Jackson 910.580.7027 Director Mike Nadeau 910.850.5131 Director Bill Hall 910.4897978 Social Media Director Adam Kivett 910.308.4736

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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