Watauga Stop #1

Watauga Lake, Tennessee


Tri-Cities Small Boat Trail

1. Boats with greater than 25hp are prohibited. 2. Tournaments will follow all state regulations (boating safety and fish regulations). 3. 5 fish limit of Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Spotted Bass are permitted. 4. Short fish will not be counted and a half pound will be deducted from your total weight. 5. Tournaments are dependent on weather conditions, and the tournament director has the right to postpone tournaments due to severe/dangerous weather. 6. No dead fish 7. Fishing within 100ft of another boat is grounds for disqualification. 8. Weigh in: For each minute late, a half pound will be deducted from your total. Weigh in time is 1pm. 9. Blast off: Blast off is at safe-light, no rods in the water prior to. 10. Teams of 2 or solo is permitted. 11. Teams wishing to be classic-eligible must fish 75% of events. 12. Tournament dues are due prior to blast off in the morning, $20 + $5 for big fish (optional). 13.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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