Bryants Camp

Herrington, Kentucky


Thursday Night Bass Tournament

*No membership fees. Maximum of two people per boat. Regular tournaments are $50 per boat. $10.00 Launch -$5.00 BIG Fish -$35.00 Payout 1. Starting numbers MUST be in the can by designated ending time or you WILL be disqualified. 2. 5 fish limit per boat. 3. All large mouth, small mouth, and KY Bass must be 12 inches in a golden rule. 4. Artificial lures only. 5. Boat must be equipped with a working live well. 6. One pound penalty for a dead fish or a short fish. 7. All anglers mush fish from the boat. No rods in hand if you exit the boat. 8. No trolling. 9. Ties will take 2 places and be split. 10. Bryant's camp is not responsible for any liabilities.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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