Austin Lake

Austin Lake, Michigan


SWMB 2023

SOUTHWEST MICHIGAN BASS RULES 1: There is a $50.00 league fee due at the first tournament, this goes into the classic payout pot. Each tournament is $50.00 per boat. $40.00 goes towards tournament payouts and $5.00 goes towards big bass and the last $5.00 goes into the classic pot. 2: Tournaments all start at 5:30 pm or earlier if everyone is on the water and ready to go. Tournaments end at 9:30 pm until we must adjust due to lack of daylight. Earlier end times will be announced prior to start time. Lakes are off limits 48hrs prior to take off and anglers must be back inside of the takeoff area by official end of tournament time. You can be disqualified for breaking either time rule. If having boat issues and you know you're going to be late or need assistance, please cal the director. If an angler fishes more then one club and has an official tournament on a body of water that is inside of the 48 hours off limit time, they are allowed to fish both tournaments. 3: Maximum of 5 bass to be weighed in, can be largemouth or smallmouth. Fish must be 14" minimum with mouth closed and tail pinched. Everyone will be allowed a courtesy bump at the tanks before you weigh your fish. If a fish doesn't measure it cannot be weighed. Winners will be determined by greatest total weight. Incase of a tie, it will broken by who ever has the biggest bass. If that's a tie we will go to the second biggest and so on and so on. Dead fish will result in an 8oz penalty per dead fish from your bag. You cannot weigh in a dead fish for Big Bass. 4: Boats must have working live wells. Anglers may not get out of their boat to access other waters. When at all possible, please try and give a 150 buffer between your boat and other tournament anglers. Not every lake is a large lake, some can get a little crowded. Please be respectful and ask permission if you feel like you're getting in a little tight on another boat. Off limit areas will be announced prior to take off if there are any. Al anglers must fish at least 9 of the 14 regular season tournaments to qualify for the classic. 5: Each individual angler per boat must fish the minimum number of tournaments to qualify for the classic. Substitutes are allowed during the regular tournaments, subs for the classic are not allowed unless approved by the director. Subs for the classic are discouraged). 6: Al fish must be caught alive and in a conventional sporting manner, using no more then one rod at a time. Artificial lures only, no live bait. Trolling is not allowed. While Senko's are allowed you will probably be made fun of for using them on a regular basis. 7: Weather cancellations will be made by the director. Use your own judgment while on the water, if you do not feel safe you can wait the storm out on shore or at the launch until it clears and resume fishing. If the director feels its going to be to dangerous during a tournament he has the right to end the tournament. 8: Most important rule of all, have fun. This is a Thursday night local club, no one is going to qualify for the Elites from fishing this club, so just be cool and have a great time!

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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