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Canyon Lake Thursday Nighters 2023

Canyon Lake Thursday Night Tournament Series. Registration is at the Canyon Lake Marina, (280 Marina Drive Canyon Lake, Tx. 78133) from 5:30-6:20pm. Tournament hours are from 6:30-10:45pm.
2023 RULES & PARTICIPATION 1. PARTICIPANTS / ELIGIBILITY • Participation is open to all anglers with a valid fishing license (youth under the age of 17 do not need a fishing license). The Tournament Director reserves the right to refuse the entry of any person.   • Each team will consist of 1 to 2 anglers per boat (non-tournament passengers are not allowed on tournament boats) • No boat may be launched from Canyon Lake Marina (unless a paid annual pass from Canyon Lake Marina is provided). Any un-authorized team that launch from Canyon Lake Marina will be disqualified 2. POLYGRAPH • By participating, all contestants are subject to a polygraph exam with a licensed Polygraph Examiner selected by the Thursday Nighters tournament • Contestants must submit to the onsite polygraph exam or within 72 hours of tournament event at the Polygraph Examiners specified location near New Braunfels • Refusal to submit to a polygraph, disqualifies the contestant and team from being eligible to receive any prize money, bonuses, or points for the event. The tournament director reserves the right to waive any violation of these rules disclosed to him before the polygraph exam, at his sole and absolute discretion. 3. ENTRY FEE / PAY OUTS • There is a one-time $15 annual membership fee • Entry fees are $50 per boat • All entry fees are to be paid in CASH only 4. REGISTRATION / TOURNAMENT HOURS • Tournament hours are 6:30PM to 10:00PM (dependent on # of flights) • Registration begins at 5:30PM • Scales close 15 minutes after last flight and no later than 10:45pm • Each boat must register in person at the registration site • Teams will be given a chip with boat number, flight number, and check-in time during registration • Chip must be turned back in by your scheduled check in time to the tournament official located at the registration site in order to weigh in (place your chip on the table first, then go get your fish to weigh) • All boats will be required to have fully functional livewells • All boats are subject to a compartment & livewell check • Fishing begins after the release of the boats by the tournament directors 5. LIVE FISH / WEIGH IN • A limit of fish shall consist of 5 bass (Bass shall be defined as any of the species known as largemouth, smallmouth, spotted, and Guadalupe bass) • All fish must be a minimum of 14” • A .50 pound penalty will be accessed to any team bringing any undersized fish • No team may have more than a limit of 5 bass in their livewell at any one time except in the short time frame of culling a single fish • Culling of a dead fish is not allowed • Dead fish will incur a 1lb penalty per fish 6. BIG BASS ROLLOVER • There is a 7lb minimum to win Big Bass • Should no bass weighing at least 7.00lbs get weighed in, the “pot” shall roll over to the next event and continue to do so until won • Once the Big Bass Rollover pot is won, the pot shall restart • Should no angler win the Big Bass Roll over prior to the final event on July 28th, the Roll Over Pot will be awarded to the single biggest bass weighed at the Championship • Dead fish will not be eligible for Big Bass 7. PERMITTED FISHING METHODS • All anglers must abide by all state and local laws at all times • Only artificial lures may be used • All fish must be caught in a legal, live, conventional manner using rod and reel • Each competitor may only have one rod in use at a time • Trolling with combustion motor is prohibited • All angling must be performed from the boat. You may only leave the boat in case of an emergency • No “hole sitting” allowed, which means you cannot have another angler/boat holding a fishing spot for you 8. OFF LIMITS AREAS • Contestants may fish anywhere on tournament waters accessible by boat and available to the public, except areas designated as “off limits” or “no fishing” by state, local, or federal officials • The “off limits” areas include but are not limited to: – The area from the dam to the buoys around the intake at Canyon Lake as marked by the state – Inside the tire breakwater at Canyon Lake Marina 9. ETIQUETTE / SAFETY • All boat operators must comply with the laws of Texas.  For a complete list of Texas PWC Operation Laws please visit: http://tpwd.texas/ • Life Jackets/PFD’s must be worn anytime the combustion motor is in gear • No fishing within 25 yards of a competitor’s boat unless otherwise agreed upon by the other tournament angler • Every boat must have all required safety equipment as defined by the State of Texas which includes fully functional nav and anchor lights and must be used per state laws • In the case of inclement weather, it will be the competitor’s decision to seek shelter or continue fishing • All anglers must use extreme safety, caution, and courtesy at takeoff in addition to high standards of sportsmanship and conservation at all times during these events.  Any infraction of these fundamental sporting principles and all rules above may be deemed cause for disqualification. 10. AOY SCORING • AOY will score from the March 16th event until seasons end July 27th • Each individual angler will accumulate points for each event even though you may fish as a team. • 1st place will receive points equal to the number of teams entered • Each descending place will receive 1 pt less than the previous place • All anglers that enter but do not weigh fish will receive 5 points less than the last place team that weighed in and no less than 1pt • If a team is disqualified for any reason, they will receive 0 pts for the tournament • Tie breakers: – 1st tie breaker goes to the angler(s) who have weighed the most fish – 2nd tie breaker goes to the angler(s) who have the heaviest single day weight – 3rd tie breaker goes to the angler(s) who have entered the most events 11. CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFICATION • Anglers who fish a total of 5 events in 2023 will qualify for the championship. 12. PROTESTS • Decisions of the Tournament Director are final and are not subject to appeal. Interpretation of these rules will be left exclusively to the Tournament Director in his sole and absolute discretion. • Each competitor agrees to report any rule violation to the Tournament Director immediately upon discovery of the violation. The violation of a tournament rule may result in weight loss, total loss of weight for that event, the ineligibility to participate in future  events, or any other penalty deemed appropriate by the Tournament Director in his sole discretion. • Protests must be made in writing within 10 minutes of the official closing of the scales at each tournament 13. MEDIA DISCLAIMER • The Thursday Nighters has the irrevocable right and permission to use photographs and/or video recordings of tournament anglers on fishing forums, and other websites, as well as in publications, promotional flyers, or for any other similar purpose without compensation. • Photographs and/or video recordings of anglers may be placed on the Internet.  Anglers may be identified by name and/or title in printed, Internet or broadcast information that might accompany the photographs and/or video recordings.  All anglers waive the right to approve the final product.  All such portraits, pictures, photographs, video and audio recordings, and any reproductions thereof, and all plates, negatives, recording tape and digital files are and shall remain the property of the Thursday Nighters. • Tournament anglers hereby release, acquit and forever discharge the Thursday Nighters from any and all claims, demands, rights, promises, damages and liabilities arising out of or in connection with the use or distribution of said photographs and/or video recordings, including but not limited to any claims for invasion of privacy, appropriation of likeness or defamation. *Any violation of the rules stated here with in, will result in immediate disqualification and potential ban from participation of any Thursday Nighters tournaments in addition to possible prosecution by the state of Texas. * By participating in these events, the competitors assume all risks associated with each event and hereby release, discharge, and hold harmless the host, sponsors, and tournament officials from all claims, injury, and/or damage that may incur during the  Thursday Nighters tournaments.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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