5/25/23 Solivita Fishing Club

Solivita Ponds, Florida


Solivita Fishing Club 2022/2023 Season 2

Open to Solivita Fishing Club Members - No fishing on pond banks adjacent to golf course - Only fish ponds that have a common access area - Walk, but don’t drive, within 15 feet of the water’s edge (PCDD property) - Don’t drive your cart behind any houses - Don’t engage with disgruntled residents - Don’t park your golf cart on a sloped pond bank (park parallel to the pond bank) - Florida resident who are 65 or older no license required - All fish caught inside Solivita are “catch and release” The club has two pond fishing tournaments each month – one in the morning on the 2rd Thursday, and one in the afternoon (except summer) on the 4th Thursday. Each tournament lasts 3 hours. We meet at Freedom Park by the Veterans’ Memorial. Start times vary depending on the time of the year. Members are notified by email of the date and time in advance of the tournament. A digital scale is required to weigh the fish and a pen or pencil is needed to record your catch on the score sheet provided. Guests are welcome to participate but only member’s scores count in the tournament. The simple rules are: - Arrive at Freedom Park 15 minutes before the start time - Depart Freedom Park at designated start time - Gain access to the ponds only through common access areas - Record your catch weight on score sheet - Only largemouth bass are counted - Use only artificial bait - Return to Freedom Park by the end of the third hour - Member with the largest weight of up to 5 bass is the winner - All Participants must fish in a SAFE and COMPLINT MANNER The club has an award for the Pond Tournament Champion (Season One and Season Two) and for the Solivita Classic Champion. The winners are determined by the following criteria: Pond Tournament Champion Largest number of points achieved by a participant in their season tournaments with points awarded for the following: 1 point for every pound and partial pound of bass weight 5 points for winning a pond tournament There are two seasons for Pond Tournaments Winter (SEASON ONE) – November thur April Summer (SEASON TWO) – May thru October Solivita Classic Champion The top 3 participants from the winter and summer seasons that achieve the most points from their highest season pond tournaments qualify for the Solivita Classic Tournament. The qualifiers fish for 2 hours at the same pond(s) and the qualifier with the highest total weight of up to 5 bass becomes the Solivita Classic Champion. If any member / members achieve one of the top three finishes in both the Winter and Summer Seasons, the next highest ranking (by points) member / members of either season will participate in the Solivita Classic.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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