Battle Of The Basess Season 3

Freshwater, Wisconsin


Battle Of The Basses Season 3

Rules for Battle Of The Basses Season 3 -Largemouth and Smallmouth bass only -3 fish maximum can be entered per person -culling allowed -fish must be CLEAN so it does not add extra weight when weighing -only weigh your bass that you catch and not others IN VIDEO -must record video of yourself weighing the fish (refer to my video as an example) someone can also record you weighing the fish - must show scale at 0 before weighing fish - must say B.O.T.B 3 at some point in the video -fish must be weighed alive -weight MUST be in lbs/oz NOT lbs/decimals NOT having any of the above will result in automatic disqualification of fish being entered. PAYOUT -Payout will be %100 to the winner of the bass tournament and the side pot. -If there is a tie in either category the amount will be split between the winners This tournament is for a good amount of money so let's just keep that in mind. Honor system, don't cheat, and have fun! Started this tournament to encourage people to fish more and enjoy the outdoors!

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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