Tournament 4 Grainger County Park

Cherokee Lake, Tennessee


Holston Bass Anglers 2023 Series

Blastoff at 6:00am or safe light Weigh in at 2:00pm Cherokee Lake: 5 fish limit. Any combination of 15in largemouth, smallmouth and 12in Kentucky.
New members must be nominated by a club member. New member must be voted on for club membership with majority votes granting membership. All members must pay for 8 tournaments to be qualified for classic. New members can pay back for 8 tournaments up to and including the 10th tournament. Members can no fish pay for scheduled tournaments to qualify for classic. Charity tournaments count toward classic and as a club tournament. Dead fish penalty is 1.5lbs per dead fish. Maximum of two adults or one adult and two children per boat. Children under 16 do not have to be club member. Every boat must have at least one club member fishing at all times. Club membership fee is $25.00 and Tournament fees are $50.00 per boat. Classic fee is $60.00 per boat. Members must follow all TWRA and TVA rules and regulations. Only artificial baits allowed and one rod/reel at a time. If boat leaves tournament prior to weigh in, member is required to text (865) 803-4427 of departure. Members are to join Holston Bass Anglers Facebook page and instant messenger as this is how any changes, cancellations and other information will be sent out. Cherokee Lake: 5 fish limit on day tournaments and 3 fish limit on night tournaments. Any combination of 15in largemouth and smallmouth and 12in Kentucky. June 1 to October 15, only one smallmouth per person and must be 18in minimum. Off limits area is from July 15 till September 15. Douglas Lake: 5 fish limit on day tournaments and 3 fish limit on night tournaments. Any combination of 12in largemouth, smallmouth and Kentucky. June 1 to September 30, only one largemouth or smallmouth per person may be over 16in. Fort Loudon Lake: 5 fish limit. Any combination of 14in largemouth, 18in smallmouth and 12in Kentucky.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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