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2022 Bassaholics Series

2022 Club Rules General Rules 1. You must be a club member to vote on any club issue. Once you have paid your club dues of $30 per person annually you are a member until the first event the following year. Majority rule is in effect on all votes during a meeting regardless of the number of members present. The club president’s vote is the tie breaker. 2. The club officers are to be voted on at the beginning of each season during the first meeting. The President will be in charge of enforcing all rules. 3. All tournaments are catch and release of all black bass. (1) black bass over 5lbs may be kept by any member for trophy purposes each year. 4. No live bait is permitted. 5. No trolling is permitted. 6. No alcohol and/or drugs permitted before and/or during a tournament. 7. Only 1 rod per person may be used at any one time. 8. In the event of no size limit on bass in a given lake or river, the size limit will be 12”. 9. There will be no changing of tournament sites or cancelling any event after the tournament schedule has been set. The President will contact members and post on the Facebook page if there will be a change to the alternate location for inclement weather or overcrowding/ multiple (larger) clubs on the selected lake. 10. Only 2 persons may fish in 1 boat. 11. On the day of the tournament, the lake/river is off limits prior to start time. Tournament Rules 1. Entry fees are $60 per boat (must be paid before start of tournament) 2. 5 fish limit per boat 3. All live wells must be checked before start of tournament 4. Lake/river is off limits the day of the tournament before start time 5. Classic Lake is off limits 7 days prior to tournament. (boating/scanning or fishing) 6. Only 2 persons may fish per boat, and be in the boat to catch a fish 7. Anyone attempting to weigh a short fish will be immediately disqualified. You may ask for a courtesy bump or borrow official board to check fish. 8. All fishermen must abide by all state laws and local laws. 9. There will be no fishing allowed within 50 yards of another (anchored boat) competitor. 10. All fish weighed must be brought to the scales in a proper weigh-in bag with adequate water and all efforts made to keep fish alive and healthy to be returned to the water. 11. You may fish alone or as a team for points. 12. Once the tournament has started it will not be called off. In the event of severe weather (lightning, tornado like weather, fog, high winds…) during a tournament, each member/team will be responsible for their own safety. You may pull your boat out of the water or moor your boat as long as you stay at the launch area. It is your decision to re-launch. 13. Each team may enter 1 fish for big bass, and 1 fish for the Jug. Please know which fish you will be choosing before reaching the scales. You only get 1 attempt with 1 fish for Jug. 14. Launching will start 30 minutes before the start of the tournament. 15. After launching for the tournament, all members must stay within 100 yards of the agreed launch area until the tournament begins. 16. All fish will be officially bumped and weighed by the official weighmasters of the Bass-A-Holics only. 17. Members may personally use the official club board to bump a questionable fish before official weigh-ins have begins. 18. Two and one half tenths of a pound (1/4lb) will be deducted per minute for each minute a team is late upon check in time. Exceptions will be made for members with mechanical problems in the event of mechanical problems with your equipment. No more than one (1) pound will be deducted in this situation. 19. If you are more that 15 minutes late to weigh in you will be disqualified unless verified trouble. Teams/ Partners and Subs 1. A member is defined as a person that has paid their annual $30 dues and is active in participating in scheduled events and tournaments. Points and weight are by team, not individual. 2. A team is defined as a single person or two persons that have both paid their annual $30 membership dues and will be tracked by the secretary for accrued points as this team. 3. A sub is defined as a person fishing with an active member that otherwise is not a normal partner. A sub may be a boater or co-angler. a. A sub does not have to be a member so-long-as the person that the sub is fishing with is an active member or established team. b. A sub can fish as many tournaments as a member needs excluding the Classic. You must be a member to fish the Classic! c. Any member will have the right to fish before a sub or non-member. 4. Once a team or member is set, points will be traced by the secretary of the club for this team for the remainder of the year regardless of subs as long as one original member still exists. This original member will be considered the captain for which the teams’ points will accrue to. Membership Funds 1. Money collected will be paid out 100% by year end. (minus $100 to be held in the account to keep account open and funeral blessings within the club…) In the event that the $100 is depleted from the account the first reserve back to the club account will go to the $100 fund. 2. Membership dues will go into the club account for year end pay back at the Classic. 3. No officer is to be paid from membership dues of Bass-A-Holics funds at any time. 4. You must fish half of the scheduled tournaments to fish the Classic. 5. Classic finishes will be paid back 3 places. 1st, 2nd, 3rd 6. Classic is paid out thru dues membership and a $20 entry fee. You must be a member to fish the Classic. Tournament Entry and Payback Schedule 1. Tournament entry is $60 per boat for each event. Two day tournaments are considered one event. 2. If less than 10 boats enter a tournament, Bass-A-Holics will pay back 2 places (1st and 2nd). If there are more than 10 boats, Bass-A-Holics will pay back 3 places (1st, 2nd, and 3rd). 3. Each tournament will pay 1 big bass and 1 Jug fish if hit. 4. Money divided by each boat entry: to be paid out each event- a. Payout will be distributed at a percentage to top 3 places minus the big bass and Jug. b. $6 to Big bass c. $2 to Jug fish 5. In the event of a tie the team with the single heaviest bass wins. Then most fish, then which team is higher in existing points. BB is split to each tying team. 6. In the event of one team winning with one single fish, the team will receive 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and BB monies. 7. The jug weight is drawn every tournament at random before take off. The money will continue to carry over to each tournament until it is hit. If there is no winner throughout the season, the money will go to the club year end fund. Points 1. Points will accrue by entering and weighing in fish at each tournament. 2. Each team will receive 15 points to be in attendance at the first annual meeting. 3. The first place team will receive points 50 points, 2nd -49, 3rd- 48, and so on. 4. Only 50 boats will be placed for points for this year. If there are more than 50 boats at a tournament, the following year will increase the point system in increments of 25 based on the max amount of teams present the previous year. 5. In the event a team does not weigh in fish, the team will be rewarded with the lowest amount of points after the last place finishing team ( with weight). For example. If last place received 30 points, all remaining teams will receive 29 points. 6. In the event of a season end points tie in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, highest total weight weighed in for the regular season tournaments combined will determine the winner. In the event that is a tie winner will be determined by coin flip. 7. Anglers of the year will be paid out at Classic end. A percentage will be paid out to 1st , 2nd, and 3rd respectfully. - Point standings and pictures will be posted on the Bass-A Holics Facebook page after every tournament. We are going to test run the “Weighfish”(weighfish.com) app for tracking as well as analog.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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