Independence Cup At Lake Saint Clair (North Region Round 1)

Lake Saint Clair, Michigan


ZLF Cups 2021

all rules apply from last round
-No fish limit -7am-3pm -cheating will result in suspension -3 days of fishing -weights zeroed on day 3 -top 7 survive day 2 both rounds included: first 2 days and first day the minimum will be 1 pound, final day will be minimum of 1 pound as well -for final rounds: -2 days of fishing -no fish limit -no cheating -top 3 survive day 1 -target weight implemented -first 2 to reach the target weight will advance to the ZLF Cup Championship ZLF Cup Championship: -8 anglers compete -minimum of 2 pounds -4 will survive day 2

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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