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Nebraska Crappie Trail

@ Trade Winds Marina
By your participation in this Tournament, you agree to comply with the following rules. 1. TEAMS: You may enter alone or with a partner of your choice. No more than two (2) persons will be allowed in a participating boat during tournament hours. 2. ANGLER MEETING: One team member must be present at angler meeting and remain until the angler meeting is dismissed unless approved by Tournament Director for emergency reasons. 3. WEATHER: In the case of extreme weather/water conditions or National emergencies, Crappie Masters shall have the right to postpone or cancel any tournaments with the return of entry fees. 4. FISHING HOURS: Fishing hours will be posted on our website or Facebook and will be announced at the Rules Meeting. 5. ENTRY FEES/REFUNDS: Tournament entry is $100 per boat. 6. STATE LAW: Teams must comply with all State and boating regulations throughout the entire year, including the use of P.F.D.’s and kill switches. Fishing, boating regulations, and licenses are the responsibility of team members. State fishing laws and boating regulations supersede tournament rules. Violation of State or Lake laws is grounds for disqualification. 7. MINORS: Any minor (under 18) who participates, must have a legal guardian present to enter the tournament. 8. BIG FISH: Big fish entries are included in the tournament entry. Only one (1) Big Fish entry per team. Only one (1) big fish will be weighed in. Teams will have that fish marked and designated as their big fish at weigh-in. 9. MEMBERSHIP: Crappie Masters membership is required to fish all Crappie Masters events. Failure to have an active/paid membership is grounds for disqualification. Crappie Masters reserves the right to refuse and/or revoke memberships without cause, reason and/or explanation and without recourse at our own discretion. Membership does not guarantee the ability to enter a tournament. Crappie Masters may deny tournament entry to a member without cause, reason, explanation or recourse. (Memberships are $35 per year and give the angler access to enter any Crappie masters event in the nation.) 10. TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: The Director can fish the tournaments, but another team must weigh in their fish. 11. FISHABLE WATERS: Fishing within 50 feet of a Marina gas pump or within 50 feet of a competitor’s boat is prohibited. Any area of water that can be reached by boat from a non-river boat ramp. You may fish the rivers if you can reach them from the main lake. 12. ALCOHOL: Alcohol beverages are not allowed during the tournament hours. Use of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs during tournament hours is prohibited and will result in disqualification. 13. COMPENSATION: No one can be hired, compensated, or offered compensation in any way to fish with you, mark fishing spots for you, or help you gain a competitive advantage in anyway 30 days prior to any tournament. 14. BOATS: You must fish from a boat. Rubber Rafts or Canoes are not allowed. If one team member needs to exit the boat, the other team member may continue fishing as long as the exiting team member does not return to the boat that day. If a team member begins the day fishing solo, they must finish out the day fishing solo. 15. POLES: Each angler has to follow the Nebraska state rules. 16. BAITS: A maximum of two baits per pole may be used during tournament hours if in accordance with Local and State laws. Live and artificial bait may be used unless announced differently on the Tournament Information Page or at the Rules Meeting. 17. MOTORS: All tournament boats are required to have a minimum 9 HP or greater motor. 18. CELL PHONES: Cell phones are prohibited during tournament hours unless used for an emergency. You may also use your cell phone if you spot someone cheating to either take a photo of them and or contact a tournament director. 19. SPOTTING: During tournament hours no one may spot fish for you or mark fishing spots for you. 20. LANDING FISH: Crappie must be hooked and landed with a rod or pole by team member(s). Crappie must be hooked through the lip or in the mouth. Landing nets may be used. 21. HOLE- SITTING: No hole sitting by a competitor or non-competitor boat during the tournament will be allowed. 22. LIFE JACKETS: Life jackets or personal flotation devices must always be worn while your combustion engine is operating. Life jackets must be properly secured and maintained secured until the combustion engine is turned off. Kill switches must always be properly attached the combustion engine is on. All State and Local rules and regulations supersede tournament rules. 23. LIVE WELL CHECKS: Live Well checks will take place on each tournament morning at the designated Live Well Checkpoint area listed on the Tournament Information Page. 24. FISH: Teams may weigh in seven (7), live crappie on tournament day. Teams seven (7) crappie must be alive when entering the official weigh-in line. Teams presenting more than seven crappies will be disqualified. Once you have entered the weigh-in line, your fish will be counted and be verified dead or alive by the tournament official. Dead fish will be removed, and you may then continue to the scales for your official weigh-in. Once your fish have been verified alive, and entered on the weigh-in voucher, you will then be allowed to weigh those fish, even if one or more die before reaching the scales. The tournament official has sole responsibility for the declaration of dead or alive crappie. No mutilated fish may be weighed. Mutilation is defined as any damage that impairs the fish’s fighting ability. All decisions regarding mutilation will be made by Crappie Masters tournament officials. Crappie Masters has the right to keep weighed in fish for further evaluation at our own discretion without explanation or cause. 25. LENGTH: All crappie brought to the scales for weigh-in must meet State length requirements for the State and may not have any weight enhancements. Any team bringing in illegal crappie to the weigh-in line will be disqualified. A 10” length limit will be enforced on lakes without a length limit. 26. TIES: In the case of a tie, the tie breaker will be determined by the team’s biggest fish, if the big fish is also a tie the winner will be decided in a coin flip. Best 2out of 3 flips STATE CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFYING: The top 5 finishers in every regular season event as well with the top 5 teams in the points race will be allowed to enter the state championship. I will also allow teams who have won the big fish award and or have fished a minimum of 3 regular season events. TEAM CHANGE: If a qualified team member has sickness, loss of death or other reasonable personal tragedy, they may fish the Championship with another Championship qualified Crappie Masters member. This must be approved by the Tournament Director. SPORTSMANSHIP: Team members/Crappie Masters members are required to follow high standards of sportsmanship, honesty, courtesy, safety, conservation and to conduct themselves in a manner that will be a credit to themselves, Crappie Masters, Crappie Masters sponsors, the sport of fishing, and Crappie Masters efforts to promote the sport. Examples of conduct not complying with those standards include, but are not limited to, the following: Violation of or failure to comply with any of the official rules CONDUCT: In case of any conduct not complying with the standards, Crappie Masters shall have the right to refuse any entry application, deny a paid entry application, or revoke a membership by returning the entry fee/membership fee of a previously accepted application, or to disqualify a team. Unsportsmanlike conduct can be grounds for disqualification if circumstances require and will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director. Unsportsmanlike conduct could result in membership revocation. POINTS RACE: Tournament points layout. 1st place will receive 100, 2nd will receive 99, 3rd will receive 98 and so on down the line. Teams that do not turn in any fish will not receive any points. Big fish will be worth an additional point. All 8 tournaments count. The team closest to 808 points will be deemed the points champion. In the event of a tie the winner will be decided by a big fish tie breaker. If the big fish is a tie the winner will be determined by a coin flip. (best 2 out of 3) Tournament payouts. The top 3 teams and big fish winner will receive plaques. 10% of entrees will be held back for tournament cost, $10 from each teams entrée will go into the big fish pot, 3rd place will receive its entrée fee back and the money left over from all that will be split up 40% to 2nd place and 60% to 1st

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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