Pow-Wow @ Indian Creek

Indian Creek, Louisiana


Genisis Fishing League

Event #2 of the Series. Weigh-in will be at Indian Creek Rec Landing @ 2pm
▪️Anglers must have the appropriate fishing license for the waters fished and understand all pertinent fishing regulations that affect the tournament waters. Genesis Fishing League is not responsible for your knowledge or lack of knowledge of Angling laws and breaking any of those laws will result in disqualification You may launch from any location on tournament water unless specified otherwise by tournament director. ▪️Only artificial baits will be permitted for use during all events. No live bait or dead bait will be allowed during the tournament. Rod and Reel are the only acceptable fishing method approved for use. Only one rod and reel can be used at a time. ▪️PFD must be worn when motor is in use during competition. Violators will be immediately disqualified. No alcohol, illegal substances, or non-prescribed drugs may be used at any time while participating in the event. Drug and Alcohol use is strictly prohibited. Any participant found to be under the influence within reasonable suspicion will be disqualified and money will be non-refundable. ▪️IT CAN NOT BE SAID OFTEN ENOUGH THAT ALL COMPETITORS ARE EXPECTED TO POLICE THEMSELVES AND OTHER COMPETITORS. CHEATING IN ANY FISHING TOURNAMENT WITH FINANIAL REWARD IS AGAINST THE LAW. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT AT OUR EXPENSE TO ENFORCE THIS LAW AND BY ENTERING THIS TOURNAMENT YOU ARE AGREEING TO ALLOW US TO DO THIS WITH YOUR FULL COOPERATION ▪️It is highly recommended to use catch and release at the end of the weigh-in but it is not enforced. ▪️There will be a 1 pound penalty for every dead fish weighed in. ▪️All tournaments will be trailered but will be weighed-in at the specified location mentioned at the tournament dates. ▪️Tie breaker will be determined by big bass Tournaments will start at safe daylight and all weigh-ins will be at 2pm. ▪️AOY points will be determined as followed….. 1st 100pt, 2nd 99, 3rd 98……etc ▪️If you zero, you will be given the points of the next place of the lowest weighed team. Example: 7 teams weigh in fish, you will be given 93pts for 8th place. ▪️Entry fee for the tournament will need to be made to The Director prior to fishing the event. Any team that has not paid their entry will be considered absent and will receive 0pts for the event. ▪️Each team will drop their lowest placed event of the series.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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