Tenkiller Lake – Classic

Tenkiller Lake, Oklahoma


Tulsa FOP Bass Club 2020

Ramp TBD.  Two day Classic: Sept. 26th hours- Safe light to 3:00pm

                                                    Sept. 27th hours- Safe light to 2:00pm

Rules and Regulations

1. Each team must have a Law Enforcement Officer as the team captain. Team points Will remain with the team captain in case of team splits.

2. Artificial lures only, No trolling allowed.

3. Life jackets will be worn when the big motor is running and the boat is on plane.

4. 5 FISH LIMIT PER TEAM on all day tournaments. 4 FISH LIMIT PER TEAM on all NIGHT tournaments. Appropriate lake length limits apply.

5. Ties will be settled by the largest bass of the winning number of fish. In the event of a tie for big bass, total creel weight will be the determining factor.

6. Largemouth, Smallmouth or Spotted Bass only.

7. All live bass must be returned to the lake immediately after weigh-in except trophy fish, which may be kept with director or weighmaster approval.

8. All boats must have a working aerated live well.

9. A ONE POUND (16oz) PENALTY will be imposed on all dead fish and will be subtracted from the total weight of the creel. A one pound penalty and loss of fish will be imposed on all short or slot fish against the total weight. You can only weigh the fish you bring to the scales. No substitutes. No culling at the ramp.

10. Only two registered tournament participants allowed in each boat during the tournament and they must remain in sight of each other during the tournament hours.

11. Entry fees are due prior to the day of the tournament. A $5.00 late fee will be charged For entries at the ramp. This fee will be added to the prize fund for the tournament trail.

12. A team member must be present at the weigh-in to weigh fish. The GOLDEN RULE will be the official weigh board.

13. Tournament results will be based on a point system. 1st place will receive 53 points, 2nd place will receive 49 points and each team thereafter will receive 1 point less than the previous team. Teams not weighing in fish will receive 5 points less than the last team who weighed in fish.


15. Tournament director will have final decision on discrepancies and rule interpretations.

16. If the winds are predicted to blow in excess of 20 mph at any tournament, you may trailer to your fishing spot. You must be at the weigh in site on time or be disqualified.

17. Only one baited fishing pole per fisherman is allowed in the lake at any given time.

Fees and Points

Application Fee: $20.00 per team memberTournament Fee: $100.00 per team

Payouts on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, Big Bass, and Trash Fish.

Little Bass will be paid out on Lake Tenkiller for $1 extra per team and may count as an extra fish

Point system:

1st place receives 53 points

2nd place receives 49 points

Each place thereafter receives one point less than the previous position

Those not weighing in fish will receive 5 points less than the last team who weighed in fish.

**Big Bass will receive 1 extra point

Tournament Director:

Tulsa FOP Bass Club

(918) 606-2016
Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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