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Bronco Wine “Bragging Rights” Bass Tournament

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Good Friday “Bragging Rights” Bass Tournament

             Date: Friday April 10th, 2020

Image result for bass fish                       Location: Delta ( Ladd’s Marina – 4911 Buckley Cove Way, Stockton, CA

                { I-5 to W. March Ln. – all the way down on the right }  

             Time: Blast Off – Safe Light    

                      Weigh In – 3:00pm ( Along road next to park ) 

             Entry: 25 grapes per angler ( big fish option – 10 grapes per boat )

                       {100% pay out}

*           3 anglers per boat allowed       

                *Artificial baits only! ( Use of live bait will result in disqualification )

                *Best 5 bass ( 12” minimum – Short fish will not be weighed )                                                                                                            ( Dead Fish Penalty – each dead fish at weigh in will result in a 4-ounce penalty )



              1._____________________________ ………. Grapes = ____________

              2._____________________________ ………. Grapes = ____________

              3._____________________________ ………. Grapes = ____________

               Big Fish Option: Yes o  No o _______ ………. Grapes = ____________

                                                                                   Total Grapes = ____________

                      *Please fill out and return with grapes to Justin Avara by Friday April 3rd, 2020

                     Questions: Call or email Justin at: (209)247-4125 /

Up to 3 anglers per boat allowed. Artificial baits only! 5 bass limit (12" minimum - short fish will not be weighed). 4oz. penalty for each dead bass. All fish & game rules/regulations must be followed.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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