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TOURNAMENTS RULES OF THE TRTBThe interpretation of these rules shall be left exclusively to the Tournament Director. The decision of the Director shall be final.1. The Tournament Director has the authority to deny any person or team from participating in the tournament. He may also, with reasonable cause, disqualify any individual or team from the tournament.2. All tournaments will be held at (TBD)3. Tournaments will start at safe light deemed by the Tournament Director and end at 3pm unless otherwise noted on the schedule.Safe boating practices must be used at all times. All contestants must adhere to the boating and fishing guidelines and laws set forth by the State of Tennessee/Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and the United States Coast Guard.4. No alcoholic beverages allowed on any TRTB competitor boat during tournament fishing hours.5. Life Jacket must worn at all times while the boat is on plane.6. Outboard cannot be running while fishing unless emergency failure deems necessary.7. No TRTB competitor boat shall encroach on another TRTB competitor boat. Stay fifty yards away from other TRTB competitor boats.8. This is a team/partner tournament. You may choose your own teammate/partner or fish alone.9. No more than two people are allowed in the boat, unless approved by the Tournament Director ex. Non fishing children.10. Only artificial lures may be used. Tennessee State Law must be followed in regards to the type of lures, number of hooks, size, etc. Only casting, spinning, or spin-casting reels and rods may be used. Maximum rod length is 10ft.11. All fish must be caught by contestants of this tournament, during tournament hours, in the mouth with a hook, on a legal lure. Staking fish, lead loading, swapping fish with other contestants, or any other unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification.12. All fish must be caught from the boat.13. Legal tournament fish include Large Mouth, Small Mouth, and Spotted Bass.14. There can be no more than 3 legal fish in the boat at one time. Culling must start with the fourth legal fish.15. Winners will be determined by the Tournament Director based on total weight of team’s fish minus any penalties.16. All fish must be at legal length limit as stated by state law on the body of water that is being fished. Lake limits will be posted one week prior to each tournament.Golden Rule is used by the TRTB Directors to measure fish.17. Contestants will trailer boat and leave fish in livewell, with doors closed with aerators on until called on by a Tournament official.18. Any short fish brought to the scales will be deleted PLUS a two pound penalty.19. There will be an 8oz penalty per dead fish.20. Any fish that appears to be mangled or suspicious in any way will measured and weighed at the discretion of the Tournament Director.21. A total of 3 fish may be weighed per boat/team unless specified by the Tournament Director.22. A member of each team must accompany their fish at all times and be at the scales when their fish are weighed. That member will sign off on the official scorecard verifying the recorded weight.23. Contestants bringing more than 3 fish to the scale will have the largest fish culled first.24. Contestants who are not at the official check-in point on time will be penalized one pound for every minute they are late. Any contestant more than 10 minutes late will be disqualified.25. Once contestants weigh their fish, the fish become the property of TRTB all fish will be returned to the lake.26. If the field of boats is large enough to require multiple start flights, the finish times will be adjusted per flight.27. Anyone wishing to protest a score, rule violation, etc. must do so in writing no later than ten minutes after the scales officially close. The Tournament Director will provide a protest form that will include an area for a written description of the reason for the protest, name(s) of the individual(s) in question, and signature of the person making the protest.28. Anyone fishing the tournament is subject to a polygraph test. By signing the tournament registration each contestant agrees to a polygraph test and that they have read and will comply with all tournament rules.29. Any team or individual who wins money or prizes agrees to have their photograph made in front of the sponsor board (if applicable), banner, boat, etc. as per the Tournament Directors request.30. Tournament participants hereby acknowledge and agree there is significant risk of injury from the activities involved in this and all other bass fishing tournaments including the risk of permanent injury or death. The participant agrees they are knowingly and willingly assuming all risks associated with the tournament and assume full responsibility for their participation. The participant, their kin, and any other personal representative do hereby release from any and all liability including any and all costs or expenses to Kentucky lake Team Bass, its officials, employees, sponsors, other tournament participants, the owners or lessors of the property/facility, (collective “releases”).31. All tournament information, rule changes, start times, etc. will be posted as soon as reasonably possible on the TRTB Facebook page and WEIGHFISH.COMTOURNAMENT PAYOUT 80% Tournament 20% To the TRTB Classic presented by HAMMER RODS TRTB points tournament system is as followed:200 for 1st and 1 point less for each position after. 1 point for big fish (cash payout only for 2nd big fish if applicable)All paid anglers will receive 50 points. 50 points will be deducted from a team that does not check in at weigh in time (unless approved by the Director and/or the Assistant Director)TRTB Hammer Rods points champion will be announced at the TRTB Classic.Classic Qualification: 1. Fish 5 of 7 regular season tournaments. 3. Pay entry fee three times the classic entry price. (Classic Entry Fee 2020 $150)<>
Tournament Director:

Jeremy Scott

(615) 438-8930
Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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