Larrabees Bay, Lake Champlain, Vermont


Champlain Valley Hardwater Tournament Series 2020

****CVHTS Anglers****
2020 Season explained

This year we have 4 stops in our regular season
Hoyts Cove CT River, Dillenbech Bay Champlain, Larrabees Point
Champlain and the Brattleboro Retreat Meadows CT River which will be the
last and determine not only “Team Of The Year” but establish the top
30 teams that will be eligible and earn a invite into the 2020
Championship that will be a 2 day shoot out held on Lake Bomoseen.
How it works…..
Top 30 teams from our series as well as the top 30 teams from the
Western PA Series and the top 10 from the NAiFC and possibly a few
others will all have the first right of refusal on a invite if a team
passes the invite will go down to the 31st team and so on till we have a
full field. The buy in per team for the Championship only is $200 total
(not 200 per day) (regular season will still remain the same $60 single
$120 team) day one will have a weigh in that will set the field and day
two’s weigh in weight will be combined to figure out the winners. These
Pay Outs will be Huge…Thousands but the trophies will be what these
teams will be gunning for Trust Us….you’ll see soon.

**New for regular season** still 6 fish total but we will be going back
to not more than 3 of one species meaning you can’t have 6 crappie or
even 4 there is many combinations that you can have. Such as You can
have three crappies, two gills, one perch or two perch, two crappies,
two gills or any other combination of crappies, perch and gills just not
more than three of one species (NOTE: BLUE GILLS, PUNKIN SEEDS OR SUNFISH ARE CONSIDERED SAME SPECIES FOR THIS EVENT) The reason why we are changing this is
that we believe this will help level the playing field and bring more
strategy into play. Please spread the word but we will go over it at the
rules meeting again anyways.

As always If you are not interested
in fishing the whole series and trying to qualify for the championship
you may fish any of them individually. We love having new anglers and we
look forward to seeing the family

CVHTS staff

Tournament Director (click phone to reveal):

James Vladyka

(802) XXX-XXXX774-8042

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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