4th Of July 2019

Large Pond, Indiana


Tucker Ridge

Tournament Director (click phone to reveal):


(317) XXX-XXXX213-3599

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director



PlaceAngler(s)Big FishWeight (fish)Winnings
16Kenzie Ferguson
3-03 (1)
10Mason Bf
7-04 (2)
18Duyane Tucker
1-00 (1)
15Megan Jones
4-05 (1)
12Brian H
6-05 (1)
7Darien Bowles
9-15 (3)
9Glen H
8-09 (3)
8Daniel Bowles
9-09 (3)
17Shelby James
2-06 (1)
5Dallen Hedges
13-05 (3)
13Denise Bowles
4-15 (1)
11Christyn Willis
6-07 (3)
1Sandy Bowles
14-13 (3)
4David Willis
13-07 (3)
3Brian Willis
013-10 (3)
6Mike Ferguson
12-11 (3)
14Tina Tucker
4-07 (1)
18Dawson Stephens
1-00 (1)
2Drew Stephens
14-01 (3)


Total in Tournament: 19

Total zeroes: 0

Total fish weighed: 40

Total weight: 151-04 lb-oz

Average weight of fish: 3-13 lb-oz

Average number of fish per entry: 2.11

Average weight per entry: 7-15 lb-oz

  1. Author
    Andrew Stephens 11 months ago


  2. Author
    Andrew Stephens 11 months ago

    Tucked Ridge 4th of July Fishing Tournament

    1. Total weight of your top three fish will determine the winner.
    2. Heaviest total wins 1st place trophy and 80% of the pot.
    3. 2nd place gets 20% of the pot.
    4. $10 per pole.
    5. 2 pole max.
    6. 1 hook per line.
    7. Catfish and Carp only.
    8. All fish must be caught using a circle hook. Any fish caught using any other style of hook will not count.
    9. No one can reel in another’s fishing pole. You can save the pole from going into the pond, but you CANNOT reel the fish in.
    10. If you leave the property, your lines shall to be removed from the water.
    11. No chumming. (It is a one acre pond, the fish will find you.)
    12. Tucker Ridge will not provide any fishing gear or bait.
    13. All fish is catch and release.
    14. Any catfish or carp weighed under 1 pound will count as 1 pound.

    Albino catfish pot
    1. Heaviest albino wins 100% of the pot.
    2. If no albino is caught, the pot will roll over to next 4th of July.

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