Lucky #13

Lake Worth, Texas


Talon Series Lake Worth Workingmans 2019

14" min on ALL fish. 

Life-jacket must be worn while big motor is on and in gear.

ALL lake off limits will be observed ( bouys by the DAM, by Lockheed, and in the wildlife preserve)

No WAKE zone in the wildlife preserve 5MPH MAX!  The order you arrive in the wildlife preserve is the order you will proceed to your spot. 

Any disputes will be handled by the TD's, do not try to solve issues on the water. Take pictures or videos of the violations and send or present at weigh in to the TD.

All anglers weighing fish are required to be in the bouy at the 820 ramp by the time cut off. 

Scales will be open 10 min prior and will be open 15 min past cut off time. 

2 people MAX per boat

All Texas wildlife rules will be followed

 All local laws will be followed

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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