Lower Laguna Madre

Lower Laguna Madre, Texas


Todos Locos Invitational Fishing Tournament

Rules & Regulations:


1.     Only artificial lures may be used.

2.     Teams shall consist of no more than 3 persons.

3.     This is an invitational tournament. All participants are subject to approval by the Todos Locos Committee.  No fishing guides, professional or tournament anglers are allowed to fish TLIFT without written consent from TLIFT committee.  No substitution anglers will be allowed without written consent from TLIFT committee. 

4.     This is a one-day tournament to be held on Saturday April 6, 2019.  All teams must be, on the dock with fish, and recognized by the weigh master at the Port Mansfield pavilion by 4:30pm, no exceptions.

5.     Each team may weigh in a maximum of 2 redfish, 2 trout, and 2 flounder.  All fish must be within Texas Parks & Wildlife legal limits.  Please note 1- 25” trout per angler.  No tagged oversize redfish can be weighed as part of tournament stringer.  Tournament stringer must be pre-selected prior to weigh in.  Any fish on team stringer that is disqualified cannot be replaced.

6.     Weight will be determination of winners.  In case of a tie, the longest fish will win.  If a tie in length occurs, the first fish weighed will be the winner.

7.     Combined weight of team stringer will determine overall tournament champion.  In case of a tie in combined weight, combined length will determine the winner.  If a tie in overall length then the first team weighed will determine winner.

8.     Any protest must be brought to the attention of the committee before 5:00pm on April 6, 2019.  All decisions made by the committee are final.

9.     This tournament is by invitation only; you must have an invitation from a committee member to fish.  Do not forward invitations!

10.  This is a non-profit charitable tournament.  All entry fees go toward expenses, the remainder will be paid out as prize money for team stringer minus donation that will go toward selected charity.

11.  Clock @ the Port Mansfield pavilion will serve as official time.  Participants are encouraged to synchronize watches with this clock to avoid disqualification.

12.  All entrants must have a valid Texas Fishing License and Saltwater stamp.

13.  All entrants may not be on a boat with a paid fishing guide in the Laguna Madre after March 7, 2019.

14.  Fish must be fresh and in edible condition.  No mutilated or frozen fish will be accepted.

15.  Fish will be weighed only one time.  Tournament scales and ruler are the only official measuring device.

16.  One rod per angler fished at one time.

17.  All decisions of the weigh master are final.

18.  Only the captain and up to two team members are allowed on the boat the fishing day of the tournament. 

19.  Teams can utilize only one boat no kayaks or float tubes.

20.  Teams may depart from the Port Mansfield Harbor after 5:30 am the morning of April 6, 2019.  Fishing begins at 7am.  There are no boundaries for this tournament, but all participants must leave by boat from the Port Mansfield Harbor.


Prize Winnings Will Be Distributed as Follows:



Team Stringer Payout Breakdown

1st Place:  60%

2nd Place: 30%

3rd Place:  10%





Fish Pots Information:


  • Cash Only
  • No checks
  • Must be entered into Pots by 10:00 pm Thursday
  • Fish Pots are awarded on basis of a single fish (not total weight of two fish)
  • Teams  may weigh in 2 fish separately of each species and possibly win both $100 and $60 pots
  • A Trout that is a candidate for the Under 25” pot may be also used on team stringer
  • A Redfish that is a candidate for the Most Spots on a Redfish Pot can also be used on the team stringer.
  • If you are not available Thursday for Fish Pots, make arrangements
  • Teams are not required to enter Fish Pots, but are  strongly encouraged





1st/2nd Redfish   $100/$60

1st/2nd Trout      $100/$60

1st/2nd Flounder $100/$60

Big Trout under 25” $100 per boat

Oversize Red $60 per boat (separate from team stringer)

Most Spots on Redfish $60 per boat (separate from team stringer)



Todos Locos Invitational Fishing Tournament Committee


Caleb Fields                    956-873-1705  [email protected]

Steve Thomas                  [email protected]

James Andreatos             832-545-8250  [email protected]

Buck Garcia                    956-245-5273  [email protected]

Chad Busse                      956-245-7870  [email protected]

Matt Klostermann           956-678-9978  [email protected]

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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