TTBA “Don’t B’ Wishin B’ Fishin” Team Trail Bass Tournament

Clear Lake, California


TTBA “Don’t B’ Wishin B’ Fishin” Team Trail Bass’n Tournament

This is a one day,  6hrs TTBA team trail bass tournament. Launch time is safe light, per launch meeting and boat inspection from 4;30 to 5:30 am. Entry fees will be taken at the meeting.


Individuals, 18 years or older, is eligible for a TTBA membership. Individuals under the age of 18 may fish with their parent or legal guardian. Teams will consist of one (1) or two (2) people per boat. TTBA membership fees will be $20 per person. The TTBA is open to any teams or individual to fish an event and the eligible for 80% payout. A team is required to pay membership dues prior to the first tournament to be eligible for any cash payout. New teams can be added up to the 5th tournament of the season to fill openings created by teams that have dropped out or we have not met the TTBA’s limit of 25 teams.

New teams must fish over half of the remaining tournaments and pay $17.58 for all season tournaments missed to eligible for the classic. Teams will receive points only for the tournaments they fished which will most likely result in them not qualifying for the TTBA Championship and Elite 8 unless they qualify for the Elite 8 as a classic wildcard. Each TTBA member prior to the start of the first tournament must sign a liability waiver. If a sub is use he/she must also sing a liability waiver prior to the start of the tournament fished (see Substitutions’ Rule). The TTBA reserves the right to refuse a TTBA member or entry into any of the TTBA’s tournaments.

 TTBA Tournament Coordinators:

The TTBA tournament coordinator of each region will ensure proper enforcement of the rules. The tournament coordinator shall reserve all rights for rule interpretation. Furthermore, the tournament coordinator have the authority to announce our present any rule revision (printed are not) as deemed appropriate. Any rules changed at the lake by tournament officials, takes precedence over written rules. Knowledge of these rules is the responsibility of each contestant; failure to read these rules or ignorance is no excuse and can lead to disqualification. All protests must be submitted to the tournament coordinator or other TTBA officers before awards are issued. The officers will handle all protest. All Officers decisions will be final.


Cheating will in no way be tolerated. Deceiving tournament officials are doing anything deemed an unfair advantage will lead to disqualification, forfeiture of all monies and banishment from the Team-Trail Bass’n Association.

Team Numbers:

“Annual Team Numbers” will be issued and used throughout the season to identify “Your Team” for record-keeping purposes.

Check-in and Pre-Meeting:

One team member must check in prior to the tournament. A pre-meeting will take place at the launch site approximately 15minutes prior to the official start time. The starting launch order will be determined by a chip drawing doing check in. Teams will start according to the number drawn. All live wells must be checked prior to fishing. If a team is late to the launch site the team must find a TTBA member to check the live wells before the team can begin fishing. The boat that is designated to take off last will be considered the official starter boat. If a team is late to the designated starting point and their number has been called that team will go to the end of the starting order.

Boat Equipment:

Every boat must have all required US Coast Guard safety equipment and meet all US Coast Guard, State and local laws. For safety purposes all passengers must be wearing a lifejacket when the boat is exceeding idle. The live well must be properly maintained to adequately support a limit of bass.

Sportsmanship and Safety:

Safe fishing and safe boating practices are expected during tournament hours. Competitors are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety, and conservation. Tournament participants must maintain a responsible distance from competitors of at least casting distance unless permission is obtained to approach closer than casting distance. Alcohol and controlled substances are not permitted in a boat during tournament hours. Horsepower of your boat may not exceed the minimum horsepower regulations set by the US Coast Guard in their ruling of November 1972.

Tackle and Equipment:

Only artificial lures maybe use. No “live bait” or “prepared bait” will be permitted with the exception of pork strips, rinds, etc. Only one casting, spin-cast, or spinning rod and reel maybe use at any one time. All other types prohibited. Other rigs as specified as above maybe in the boat ready to use. However, only one rod and reel is permitted to be use at any given time. All bass must be caught live and in a conventional sporting matter. Anyone guilty of snatching of snagging visible fish will have their days catch disqualified. No trolling.

Tournament Fees:

Regular season tournament entry fees are $80.00 per boat (members only). New Members $120 Entry fee, and that include $80.00 tournament entry and $20 per person goes for membership. For big bass there will be a $20 buy in, and the team with the big fish will win the big bass pot.  Entry fees to other tournament formats will be published as needed. Note: (Westcoast regional tournament fees are $100.00 per boat, New Members $140 Entry fee)


Regular season tournament payout will be 80% of entry fees collected. 1 through 20 participants pay first through third positions. 21st to 25 participants pay 1-4th position. Dailey big bass pot pay to first big bass the “officers” will determine that classic “Bump” and Elite 8 tournament payout will be determined each season based on the TTBA’s escrow account balance. All payout and awards are subject to. Officer review of account balance and maybe adjust it to insure a season long funding TTBA’s events and activities.

Request for refund:

A team wishing to withdraw from the TTBA and get a full refund of their paid membership dues must make a verbal or written request to the TTBA officer 30 days prior to the first tournament of the season.


Substitutes will not have to pay the TTBA membership fee to participate in any tournaments. Officers are to be notified previous to any seasonal tournament are the “Classic” tournament if any substitute is needed (see classic rules). The TTBA officers have the right to monitor and decline a substitute for any tournament if the team has shown previous abuse of substitution rule. Substitutes are not permitted in the elite 8 tournament.

Lakes and Schedule:

Lakes will be picked by appointed officers prior to the start of each season. Any postponements due to unforeseen circumstances will be rescheduled or continued on an alternate lake. The officers will then create the schedule. Current standings, schedules, start dates, and times will be available online and issued by email prior to each tournament to each team.

Permitted Fishing Locations:

The tournament coordinator is responsible for establishing tournament waters to be fish at each tournament. Any water within these boundaries posted Off-Limits or No-Fishing by state or federal agencies will be OFF-LIMITS. Only the water open to all public fishing will be close to tournaments contestants. All angling must be done from the boat. Any team or individual that receives a citation given by DNR authorities is subject to disqualification.

Tournament Hours:

Tournament times include check-in, pre-tournament meeting, launch and weigh-in. Times will be posted online and on tournament reminders email approximately one week prior to the scheduled tournament. All boats are to be at the check-in location at the designated finish time, there will be a grace period of 10 minute. If the time has expired the team will be disqualified.

Dead Fish:

For each legal dead bass presented to weigh-in officials’ the competitor will be penalized 4 ounces from dead fish. The tournament coordinator and the designated appointees shall have sole authority for determining “Dead” fish and assessing penalty weight.

Fish Measuring:

Fish will be measured and weighed by one of the presently appointed officers including the President, Vice-President, Tournament coordinator, or an appointed volunteer using the appointed measuring rule and scale. The appointed officers or volunteers will be the only individuals to handle the fish. The officer or appointed volunteer will be the primary person to remove each fish from the contestant bag and measure it. The volunteer weigh-master will be the primary person to weigh the fish on the scale. The primary appointed officers own fish will be measured and weighed by the next available TTBA officer or appointed volunteer. The tournament coordinator and or appointed weigh-in volunteer(s) decision on a measurement and weight are final. Fish will be measured using the standard legal method as outlined by the state DNR.

Short Fish Penalties:

All fish brought to weigh-in must be of legal size determined by state or local law for the body of water fish are as declared by the TTBA officers within the state or local laws. Courtesy Bumps by a team member will be allowed on the official TTBA Golden Rule before your bag is turned over to the tournament coordinator. If a short fish is presented for weigh-in the short fish will be culled from your sack for total weight of that day’s weigh-in.

Big Bass:

Dead fish cannot be used as Big Bass for the big bass pot weigh-in. Teams must choose and present the single Big Bass that they want to be weighed in for the Big Bass award.


Tournament standings auxiliary awards and final winners shall be determined by the pound and ounce weight of each competitors catch during the competition days of the tournament. Only Largemouth, smallmouth, and Kentucky/Spotted Bass will be measured and weighed. The limit shall be five (5) fish per boat of the above species and varieties per day. Only 5 fish shall be allowed in your live well at any given time, therefore only 5 fish are allowed to the scales. Any team holding more than 5 fish in their live well may lead to disqualification. You can however have a sixth fish in your possession just enough to cull another fish.

The official length of bass shall be in accordance with the prevailing state law and announced by the tournament coordinator at the pre-tournament meeting. The overall team standings will be derived from a point system (100 point system). Tournaments are worth a maximum of 100 points under this System the tournament winning team will be awarded 100 points. The points will be awarded in five point decreasing increments depending on place of finish down to 5th place, four points decreasing increments down to 10th place, 3 point decreasing increments down to15th place, and 2 point decreasing increments for the rest of the field. In a tie teams will get the points for the position they finished. Teams not weighing a fish will be awarded 15 points for participation. Teams who are not represented at a schedule tournament by at least one team member will be awarded zero (0) points for the event.



TTBA champion trophies and embroidered sweatshirt will be awarded to the team of the year with the highest accumulated season points. A tie will be broken by a team fish-off. The team with the Big Bass of the year will receive a Big Bass award. All team awards will be awarded according to the point system outline above. At the conclusion of each tournament there will be an 80% payout of all monies collected. All of the end of year awards will be given out at the banquet.


The last regular point tournament of the season is considered to be the Classic witch is an open tournament. To qualify for the classic, a team must participate in any of the TTBA tournament. Substitutes are permitted to fish in the classic. The TTBA officers have the right to monitor and decline a substitute for the classic if the team has shown abuse of the substitution rule throughout the tournament season. Awards for the classic include the team members names engraved on the Classic Trophy and possession of the Classic Trophy until the next season Classic Tournament, where it is to be awarded to the next season classic winning team. Three (3) places will be awarded in gifts and prizes.

Note: You Must be a Member!

TTBA Championship:

The TTBA championship will consist of the top ten (10) teams from each region; that means the winning team from each region plus the top nine (9) teams under the winning teams will be able to fish the TTBA Championship. If for any reason there is a tie, all ties will be broken by the number of tournaments a team fished that season. Teams will be notified by email or posting on TTBA’s website. (Note: this will be a 3 day elimination tournament and you must be a member).




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Email the Tournament Director


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