Hawgsnatchers #3

James River, Virginia


James River Hawg Snatchers

2018 James River Hawgsnatchers series

5 Events plus Top 15 Championship
Guaranteed Payout
1st $1000 , 2nd $700 , 3rd $600 , 4th $400 , 5th 300 , Big Fish $200
AOY. Points Champion $700
Top 15 Championship
Top 15 in AOY points will advance to the championship  . championship payout 1st $1200 2nd $700, Big Fish $400
Points will be scored starting at 100 1st then 95 2nd 94 3rd 93 4th and so on.in a one point decent.
 3 point bonus for Biggest fish of the event and 1 bonus point for 2nd biggest fish
Minimum points will be given to any team who does not weigh in. they will receive 1 point less than the competitor with the least weight
Any Team who does not fish will receive 5 points less than the last place team that participated.
Participants and Eligibility
Those under 18 years of age, not fishing with a parent, must have written permission from a parent or guardian
Hawgsnatchers reserves the right to reject any entries, which we feel are not in the best interest of the tournament.
All participants Fish at your own risk and assume personal responsibility and are financially liable for any damages or injury that occur.
2 Subs allowed per team . (Subs can fish as many events as needed )
Members can not sub for another team ( Subs can sub for other teams )
No subs in classic that have not fished at least one event for the team he or she is subbing for
Entry Fees
$600 for the season
Life Jackets must be worn at takeoff
Safe boating conduct must be observed at all times.
 No hole sitting by a non- competitor or by another competitor, to aid a tournament participant will be allowed. Violators will have their catch disqualified and may be banned from the club with no refund 
Each competitors boat must be equipped with a working livewell system capable of keeping a
tournament limit of bass alive.
Livewell subject to Inspection before Take Off by a Tournament Official
Tackle and Fishing Methods
Only artificial baits may be used. No live or cut bait is permitted (pork trailers are permitted).
No Trolling
A limit of 5 bass at least 12 inches in length (largemouth, smallmouth, spotted bass) may be weighed in.
Dead fish will be penalized 1 pound  per dead fish and also 1 pound from big fish if big fish is dead
Culling to be Done at time Of catch . No Culling in the parking Lot ( 5 fish possession limit at any time) Failure to comply will  result in DQ.
Total weight Tie will be Broken by Big fish if There is a tie for Big Fish the prize will be split evenly. ( ex tie for 1st prize 1st and 2nd added together then split and so on) a tie for the last paid position will be decided by a coin toss.
Tie for Big Fish broken by total weight
Late Penalty
Competitors who are not inside the designated check in area by the check in deadline will be penalized at a rate of 1 pound per minute, up to 10 minutes at which time their catch will be disqualified.
Rules Interpretation
Interpretation of these rules will be left to the Tournament Director. Infractions of any rule may result in
disqualification of catch and Banned from future events without refund
All State Laws apply, any law broken during the tournament may result in disqualification.
Only that water open to ALL public fishing will be considered tournament waters. Waters deemed off limits by authorities or tournament officials should be treated like a wall. No boats or casting behind that boundary while fishing.
All angling must be done from the boat.
Prior to the tournament registration, any questionable areas must be brought to the attention of tournament officials to be considered tournament waters and may be announced for all to hear unless determined otherwise by tournament director 
any protest shall be submitted in writing before the tournament weigh in and payout has concluded.
protest will be reviewed  by the board and if sufficient evidence proves a violation the board will decide what actions to take.
All Competitors are subject to polygraph and refusal to take will be viewed as an admission of guilt 

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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