Talon Series #9

Lake Worth, Texas


Talon Lures Lake Worth Working Mans Tournaments

14' Minimum length

Off limits section by Dam and NASJRB.

Wildlife Preserve is IDLE SPEED ONLY. Boats continue to proceed in the order they entered. NO PASSING.

6pm Shotgun Start as by time on the GPS. Watch for the OK to go from the TD's boat.

As the daylight gets later the time will adjust. Until notified ALL BOATS must be in the buoys off pad at 9:30PM.

Weigh in opens around 9:30 PM and scales will be open until about 9:45PM. A last call to weigh will be announced.   

Life jackets must be worn when in gear.

All local, state, U.S. Coast Guard, and federal boating and fishing regulations shall apply at all times.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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