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Burleson Bass Club Tournament Rules -- Must be Presnt to Win The following rules of this tournament have been established for honesty and fairness to all contestants. All rules are subject questions for polygraph test. PLEASE REPORT ANY MEDICAL OR HEALTH PROBLEMS AT SIGN IN!!!!!! 1. You must have a valid TEXAS FISHING LICENCE. Only 3 black bass species shall be weighed that are 14 inches long or longer. Conservation is a primary concern of the Burleson Bass Club. Every effort will be made to release as many fish as possible following weigh-in. All fish accepted will be retained by the Burleson Bass Club and all survivors will be released back into Lake Whitney. 2. Tournament hours are from 6:00 AM. to 3:00 PM April 3, 2016.  Contestants must be in line with fish in hand by 3:00 PM. Weigh-in will begin at 2:00 PM.  Trailering will be allowed. Contestants may leave launching area at any time but cannot cast until starting time. No BASS FISHING SATURDAY NIGHT AFTER 8:00 PM. 3. Attempting to weigh a short fish will be a rule violation and result in immediate disqualification. 4. Fish will be measured using a flat board,with mouth closed. All Texas Parks & Wildlife regulations, as well as local, state and federal laws will be upheld. 5. Iced down, frozen or white-gill fish at weigh-in will be cause for disqualification. All fish presented for weigh-in must be in good condition. Dead Fish will be penalized .20 lbs against the dead fish. 6. An official clock will be at tournament headquarters - WBAP 820 time will be used. Trailering will be allowed. No fishing from outside of boat, no tube or bank fishing. All boats and mini-boats must be equipped with live wells. Life jackets must be worn when boat is on plane & use engine emergency kill switch if equipped. Any boat may be used that meets legal safety requirements. 7. Only artificial baits may be used. No trolling with big motor. No fishing within 100 feet of an anchored or tied off tournament boat. Anyone guiding on Lake Whitney in the past year will not be allowed to enter. contestants can not fish with a Whitney guide.  ONLY CONTESTANTS MAY BE IN THE BOAT DURING TOURNAMENT HOURS. 8. Fishing is allowed only on the navigable waters of Lake Whitney, all water you launch from and fish in must be accessible by boat from the Dam (main lake). no fishing below the dam. 9. All ties shall be determined by a flip of the coin or combining prize money etc, loser of coin toss will drop to next place. All protests will be accepted by tournament officials (in writing and signed) until 3:15 PM. Decisions of the Burleson Bass Club, Inc. officials will be final. All entrants are subject to polygraph testing. If polygraph is inconclusive for any reason , contestants may be disqualified by tournament officials. 10. Disorderly conduct or intoxication by alcohol or any other substance will be cause for disqualification. Violations of a tournament rule will result in disqualification. All decisions of the tournament officials will be final. Please report any prescribed medications that are being taken at sign-up. 11. The prize money represented to be paid at the tournament is based on a minimum 150 entries and at the discretion of the officials, may be reduced proportionally should a fewer number of entries apply.  CONTESTANTS MAY REGISTER AT TOURNAMENT HEADQUARTERS FROM NOON UNTIL 9:00 PM SATURDAY AND ON TOURNAMENT DAY FROM  4:30 AM UNTIL 6:00 AM. ALL CONTEST MUST REGISTER AND PAY BEFORE FISHING. Cheaters Beware: Texas State Law allows for prosecution of anyone trying to take advantage of sporting events for monetary gain. the Burleson Bass Club will not allow anyone to enter the tournament that is on trial or pending litigation for violating the state statute. Also the Burleson Bass Club will not allow anyone to enter the tournament that has been banned, disbarred or disqualified from any sanctional bass club or fishing tournament for a major rule infraction, or failing a polygraph test within the last three years. Any contestant that has ever been disqualified from any tournament for any reason must  get prior written approval to enter the BURLESON BASS CLUB'S tournament. This must be done two weeks prior to the tournament. The Burleson Bass Club has the right to refuse any entry. Written request should be sent to: President % Burleson Bass Club, P.O. Box 1731, Burleson, Texas 76097. RETURNED CHECKS; (NSF/Forgery. ETC.). The Burleson Bass Club will treat a bad check as an attempt to gain an unfair advantage over other contestants (Fraud) and the Burleson Bass Club will process accordingly.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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