Anglers want to see tournament results right away, not have to keep checking for days to see if something was posted to a website or emailed out.  Weighfish gives the ability to display the results as quickly as they are weighed and an important aspect of that is sharing the tournament webpage out to those that want to view it.  Sharing can come in many forms; Social Media, Email and Text are all possible.

The Weighfish TD app allows you to easily share out your Series page or individual Tournament pages.  If you are viewing a tournament you want to share, click the Three Dots (…) button at the top of the screen and find the Share menu option.  Click that and all of the available ways to Share will be presented.  For example, if you select to send an email, the Tournament title and URL will prepopulate into an email for you to send out to a Tournament group mailing list you might have. If you want to share it on a Facebook page, select Facebook. This will open Facebook and allow you to share the results with text and additional information you want to add. Running a tournament with just a few buddies? Maybe you just want to text them the results page. Do it the same way but click Messages instead.

Pro Tip: If you upload a photo to your tournament page, it will be displayed on Facebook as the thumbnail image, otherwise a Weighfish stock image is used. Try that to make it much more interesting looking.

You can also get the URL for the tournament page and paste it wherever needed (like a different app) by clicking Copy. Whether you’re looking to increase engagement with current fishermen or increase your tournament numbers, sharing your tournament results on Social Media or via Email and making it easily available to those that fished is a great step ahead in getting the word out.

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