Zephyrhills Bass Club 2023

Zephyrhills, Florida

2023 Zephyrhills Bass Club Rules & Schedule Entry fee $50/boat (includes $10 for big fish). $30 per person annual membership fee. We’ll have 100% payout for all entry fees. We’ll have a 50/50 drawing each tournament and all proceeds and membership fees go to Team of the Year, Big Bag of the Year and Big fish of the Year payouts after our October Classic. 5-9 boats will pay out for 1st and 2nd place 10 boats or more will pay out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Tournament rules: -should go without saying, but Artificial bait only -takeoff will be in order of registration and pay at the boat ramp the morning of. -each tournament will begin at first safe light. Weigh in at 3pm at the ramp. Boat must launch from the designated location. -5 fish/boat limit. We will have exemption permits that allow you keep more than the current legal limit for bass over 16”. Each entrant must keep the exemption permit with them and sign it upon entry. -dead fish cannot be culled and must be counted as part of your bag. -.25 lb or 4oz penalty for weighing in a dead fish. No more than 2 dead fish can be weighed. Dead fish cannot be weighed for big fish - 1 lb penalty for every 5 minutes late to weigh in. -you may not fish within 50 yards of another boat unless given permission. -if a tie occurs for net weight, the tie breaker will be the biggest live fish of each team’s bag. -ties for Big Fish, Fish of the year, Bag of the year, the teams will split the pot paid. -if you are questioning a weight, you can ask to have it re-weighed. The most recent weight will be recorded. -please bring a weigh in bag to each event -boat must have a working live well. Club Rules/Points: To qualify for Team of Year AND to fish the Classic, you have to fish in at least 5 of the 9 tournaments and in at least 1 of the first 4 events. No new teams after April will qualify. To qualify for Team of the Year, you must fish the classic. Boaters must register with a partner if you will be fishing with someone. Once your team is registered, you can have 2 alternates but the alternates must fish with one of the members. Alternates will need to pay the $30 membership fee also. If you cannot make a tournament and your partner fishes with another boater, your team will receive show up points only. Alternates do not count for show up points. Boaters will need to sign a release waiver before the first event. Points for Team of the Year will be awarded as follows; -1st place will be awarded 110 points. Each place from 2nd thru 8th will be awarded 10 less points from the previous place. 2nd= 100 points, 3rd=90, 4th=80. Any place after 8th will receive 10 points. -Big Fish- 5 bonus points -show up points-3 bonus points -5 fish limit-5 bonus points -points stay with the captain of the boat. If you fish with another boat as a co angler, you will earn show up points but any points awarded for placing or big fish stay with the boat. For the 2 day Classic in October, all points will be doubled except for Big Fish because we will pay it out for each day. There will be no show up points for the Classic. Captain and partner must fish the classic, no alternates. 2023 Zephyrhills Bass Club Schedule Jan 21st- Lake Arbuckle-Public Boat Ramp Feb 18th- Harris Chain-Buzzard Beach March 11th*- Kissimmee Chain- Port Hatchinea April 15th- Lake Parker-Lake Parker Park May 20th- Winter Haven Chain-Lake Shipp-William G Roe Park June 17th- Crooked Lake-Bob’s Landing July 15th- Lake Marion- Bannon’s Fish Camp August 19th- Eagle Lake-Public Boat Ramp Sept 16th- Lake Griffin (no locking)-Herlong Park Oct 21-22nd- Classic TBD If you have someone interested in joining, please let me know before inviting them. Any new teams must be approved prior to entry. This is a private club and want to keep it fair for all, no guides or pros will be permitted. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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