Wed. Night No Membership Series

Waterford, Michigan

Please e mail us for a schedule.

use [email protected]

This is low key fun series, 

Please join us if you want to fish our unique series.

Only one angler must be at least 18... wife's and kids ate welcome.

Pick and choose your lakes.... Do one or any of them.

This is a Team Bass tournament series. But due to a 5 fish limit it can be fished alone, You can have different partners for each tournaments. This a 12 tournament series with a 13 event Championship. To qualify for the Championship anglers must have fished at least 5 tournaments of the 12.

Entry Fee per night is $44 per boat. Includes a $5 big fish pot pay back.

$3 to director - $4 to championship pot

1 to 5 boats 100% of the pot ($32/entry per boat)

5 to 10 boats 65% and 35%

11 to 15 boats 50% -30%-20%

Fishing time is 6 to 9 most nights- Check-in starts 30-40 minutes before start.

All fish must be culled in the lake....Not at ramp

All boats must be with 50 yards of the ramp. If late it is a DQ


Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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