Solivita Boat Owners Series 2023/2024

Poinciana, Florida

The following rules will be interpreted by Solivita Fishing Club “Launch and Lunch” tournament director, and all decisions are final. 1. RULE CHANGES: These rules shall remain in effect and unchanged throughout the current tournament year unless specifically superseded by state or local law. Interpretation and enforcement of these rules shall be left exclusively to the tournament director. 2. ELIGIBILITY: Teams must be Solivita Fishing Club members Each contestant must have a valid Florida Fishing License or proof of exemption, and another form of identification as required by law, on their person. Teams can consist of one, two or three person teams. 3. FEES: All contestants must read and sign a release waiver before participating in the tournaments. Any participant can fish alone at the full entry fee. Tournament fees to be paid in cash. I. COST TO ENTER PER TOURNAMENT IS TWENTY DOLLARS ($20.00) PER BOAT. WINNER TAKES ALL BASED ON SCORING SYSTEM NOTED BELOW AND SPLITS THE PRIZE MONEY WITH CO-ANGLERS. II. COST TO ENTER BIG BASS POT IS TEN DOLLARS ($10.00) PER BOAT. THE PERSON CATCHING THE BIG BASS DURING THE TOURNAMENT WOULD RECEIVE THE BIG BASS POT IF THEY CONTRIBUTED TO THE POT FOR THAT EVENT. 4. POINT SYSTEM I. WHY POINTS ARE AWARDED A. POINTS ARE AWARDED TO DETERMINE THE “ANGLER(S) OF THE YEAR” (THE TEAM WITH THE MOST POINTS FOR THE YEAR). B. ONLY YOUR TOP 6 FINISHES OUT OF 9 EVENTS WILL DETERMINE YOUR TEAM SCORE FOR THE YEAR. THIS WILL ALLOW ALL TEAMS THE ABILITY TO DROP THEIR 3 LOWEST SCORES. C. BOAT CAPTAINS MAY SUBSUTITUTE CO-ANGLERS FROM EVENT TO EVENT AS LONG AS THEY ARE MEMBERS OF THE SOLIVITA FISHING CLUB. THIS WILL ALLOW MORE PARTICIPATION AMOUNG NON-BOAT OWNERS AND THE FISHING CLUB MEMBERSHIP. D. MAX ANGLERS PER BOAT TO BE SET AT NO MORE THAN THREE. II. HOW POINTS ARE AWARDED A. ALL BOAT CAPTAINS START EACH YEAR WITH ZERO (0) POINTS (EACH “YEAR” STARTS WITH THE SEPTEMBER TOURNAMENT). B. THE WINNING BOAT OF EACH TOURNAMENT IS AWARDED THIRTY-FIVE (35) POINTS WITH A TWO (2) POINT DIFFERENCE IN THE ORDER OF FINISH FOR POSITIONS. C. THE TEAM WITH “BIG BASS” FOR EACH TOURNAMENT WILL BE AWARDED FIVE (5) BONUS POINTS. 1ST PLACE 35 POINTS 2ND PLACE 33 POINTS 3RD PLACE 31 POINTS 4TH PLACE 29 POINTS 5TH PLACE 27 POINTS 5. SAFETY: Breaking any state or federal boating law may be cause for disqualification. 6. BOATS: Any safe boat or Kayak is allowed. Examples are Non Powered Row Boats, Electric Only Boats or Powered Boats. All boats must meet U.S. Coast Guard and State regulations for their class. 7. TACKLE AND EQUIPMENT: All fish must be caught alive and in a conventional sporting manner. Intentionally snagging fish is not permitted. Digital cameras and/or smart phones will be required for the score card weigh-in. The official measure board is the Golden Rule Bass board (must have a minimum of 1/4” increment measurements) or approved equal. Only one rod may be used at a time. Only artificial lures may be used, live and or prepared bait is not allowed, the only exception being “shiner only tournaments”. Pork style baits and commercial scents are allowed. Dip-N-Dye is allowed. Dip nets are allowed to land fish. Alabama rig style baits are allowed. 8: SCORING: Teams will select their 5 largest fish to be scored on the official score card. The lengths will tallied on the score card prior to turning check in. All scored fish must measure a minimum of 12 inches, mouth closed. Tournament standings will be determined by total weight. Only largemouth bass will be scored. Teams will tally their results on their official scorecard and both angles shall sign the card. The Official Scorecard and the pictures from the camera will be turned in at the official check-in site. The photos will be used to verify the catches. 9: CATCH, PHOTO; & RELEASE FORMAT: All fish will be measured, photographed, and released at the boat. Anglers will work together to measure, photograph & release their fish. The procedures shall be as follows: A. One angler holds fish on the official measure board. The belly of the fish will face the angler. The nose of the fish must touch the bump plate to the LEFT, the tail is extended back to its maximum length on the right end of the board. B. The anglers agree on the length of the fish to 1/4th inch accuracy. If the tail fin crosses the 1/4” mark, the official length may be rounded up to the next 1/4″. C. The minimum scoring length is 12”. An 11 3/4” fish cannot round up to 12” the fish would have to measure 12” before it can be scored. D. While the fish is being held on the board by an angler the other angler takes a photo of the entire fish on the board. This official photo must clearly show the nose of the fish against the board and the length measurements at the tail. E. Photos of just the tail will not be considered. Prior to releasing a second photo is taken of the fish being held up by either angler. This may be the photo displayed at the weigh-in ceremony. The fish is immediately released by the angler holding the fish. Be sure to record the length on the Official Scorecard. If two fish are caught at the same time one fish at a time must be Measured, photographed, and released as quickly as possible before processing the second fish.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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