RCatz Tournaments

Arma, Kansas

We run catfish Tournaments all over the Four States.
RCatz Tournaments Rules 1. All state and local regulations will be followed. 2. Teams consists of 1, 2 or 3 persons. 3. Rod amount is determined by state regulations. 4. A 3 to 5 fish weigh in depending on temperaturea and/or Lake 5. ONLY LIVE FISH WILL BE WEIGHED IN. 6. Blue Cat, Channel Cat, and/or Flatheads may be weighed in. 7. All fishing must be performed from the boat only 8. All fish must be caught legally by rod and reel. NO SET LINES OR SNAGGING. 9. Live well checks will be performed prior to launch. 10 All participants must be present at check-in site. 11 No fishing within 50 yards of another anchored boat or marina. Use courtesy to other anglers. 12. Any legal bait may be used. 13. No chumming or fishing deliberately baited holes. 14. Pre-fishing activities must end 12 hours prior to tournament start time, with exception to bait catching. 15. All boats must be at official weigh-in site in time, or they will be disqualified. 16. All disputes must be brought to the tournament officials 30 minutes prior to the official weigh-in time. 17. All decisions by tournament officials will be final. 18. Anyone who leaves and returns will be disqualified. You can dock to use the restroom.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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