Nolin Keeper 3 Fish Night Series

Brownsville, Kentucky

3 Fish Keeper Tournament + Big Fish! 15" Minimum No dead fish allowed 7pm-Midnight Moutardier Ramp $25 per boat 100% pay back! Sponsor prizes every week for big fish!
1. It is the responsibility of the participant to read and understand all rules prior to tournament start! State fishing license required. 2. No one under 18 years of age unless accompanied by parent or guardian. 3. U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket must be worn while engine is above idle speed. 4. A working aerated live well is required, no stringer or baskets allowed. 5. Artificial lures only! Use only 1 rod at a time, no trolling. Casting only. No live or prepared bait. 6. Only largemouth, smallmouth and Ky bass are allowed. Minimum length is 15 inches. NO SLOT FISH ALLOWED!! Tournament direct has final say regarding fish length disputes/issues. 7. Maximum number of bass will be 3 per team. Any team attempting to weigh in a short fish will be disqualified unless a request for length check is made prior to weigh in. 8. Competitors who are not at the official weigh in site by designated quitting time will be disqualified. NO EXCEPTIONS! Tournament director has final say regarding late arrivals. 9. Any fish that appears to have been mutilated in any way may be weighed or rejected at discretion of the tournament officials at the weigh in and their decision is final. 10. ONLY LIVE FISH CAN BE WEIGHED. Any attempt to weigh a dead fish will result in 50% reduction of live fish weight. Tournament officials at weigh in site will determine live fish and their decision is final. 11. In case of a tie, the competitor with more eligible fish will be considered winner. In case of 2 or more competitors with the same number and weight of fish, the largest fish will be tie breaker. 12. We strongly recommend you return all fish to the lake. Let’s catch them again another day! 13. INFRINGEMENT OF THESE RULES SHALL BE CONSIDERED CAUSE FOR DISQUALIFICATION. INTERPRETATION OF THESE RULES SHALL BE LEFT EXCLUSIVELY TO TOURNAMENT OFFICIALS. 14. Please see tournament director or designated officials if you have questions or concerns. 15. There will no culling of fish inside the buoys at the weigh-in site. 16. Absolutely no hole-sitting or holding of a fishing spot by an alternate boater. This will not be permitted!! 17. Boat owner should have a minimum of $100,000 liability insurance. 18. All boaters must obey State boating laws. If you are seen acting in an unsafe manner at any time on or off the water you may be asked to leave and not return to this tournament. Any participant who receives a violation by law enforcement while on the water during tournament hours will be disqualified. 19. No alcoholic beverages allowed in boat or around immediate weigh-in area! 20. A contestant must stay in boat at all times. If a contestant leaves the boat for any reason, no fishing equipment will be allowed in possession. 21. No more than a 3 fish limit in your possession at any given time. 22. You are allowed to fish alone. 23. Kayaks are welcome and allowed. Must have proper livewell and all safety/lighting equipment as required by state law. 24. Director reserves the right to refuse participant’s entry into tournament.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director

Date Name
9/25/2021 #9 (Nolin Lake)
9/11/2021 #8 (Nolin Lake)
8/28/2021 #7 (Nolin Lake)
8/21/2021 #6 (Nolin Lake)
7/31/2021 #5 (Nolin Lake)
6/26/2021 #4 (Nolin Lake)
6/19/2021 #3 (Nolin Lake)
6/12/2021 #2 (Nolin Lake)
5/29/2021 #1 (Nolin Lake)

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