MLBC 2018

Yadkin River System, North Carolina

This tournament series is dedicated to late evening Bass fishing. We vote members in once a year after the season has ended (generally in November), all new members has to be nominated by a current member.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director

Date Name
8/12/2018 Tillery
7/15/2018 High Rock
6/09/2018 Tucker Town
5/19/2018 Badin
5/05/2018 HighRock (Second Creek/Highrock)
4/14/2018 Tillery
3/25/2018 Total Points (All)
3/24/2018 Badin 1 (Badin)
3/10/2018 Tucker Town 1 (Tucker Town)
2/24/2018 High Rock 1 (High Rock Lake)
2/10/2018 Tillery 1 (Lake Tillery)

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