2023 Lews Strike King Tonka Junior Trail TOC

Minnetonka, Minnesota

TBF Sanction Junior Bass Trail
3 bass, 12" minimum, winners decided by weight, ease off from Maxwell Bay Launch at 0700. Weigh in at Lord Fletcher's docks starting at noon. Arrive no later than 12:15pm. Boat captains are not allowed to fish. Cannot cull a dead fish. 1# penalty for a dead fish. 1# penalty for each minute after 12:15pm if late for weigh in. PFD's must be worn at any time the big motor is in gear. Follow MNDNR rules for other PFD use while fishing. No power fishing with the big motor. No trolling. Artificial bait only.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director

Date Name
8/14/2023 Minnetonka

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