Lake Murray Seniors

Prosperity, South Carolina

Lake Murray Seniors Bass Club Properity, SC 29127 LMSBC VISION: A tribute to who we are For all who seek more than just a fish... ​ Over two decades ago men dedicated to the sport of bass fishing set a course. Their goal was envisioned, and their focus was clear. They imbued the Club with qualities of sportsmanship, integrity, friendship, and an intense sense of competition. They welcomed strangers, and they shared knowledge, skill, and tales of daring, angling adventures. If you loved fishing, nature, and your fellow man, you were welcome here. Over the years memories have been made that nourish the soul; memories of good men sharing good times and, yes, times of intense grief as well. Through it all we stand together as friends and sportsmen. We care for each other, and we care for our natural resource. We are men of character and men who love the sport of fishing. So this is our vision and tribute to the Lake Murray Senior Bass Club. May your days be filled with joy and service, and may your backlashes be minor and brief. God bless America and may God bless the Lake Murray Senior Bass Club.
Lake Murray Seniors Tournament Rules for 2021 (No changes from 2020) 1. All safety rules must be observed, including fishing rules and regulations of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. 2. Limit of 5 fish per tournament. Anymore which are placed in the weighing tub will result in automatic disqualification. 3. All angling must be conducted from the boat. (No trolling allowed.) 4. Only one rod per person allowed for fishing at any one time. (Others may be rigged). 5. Only artificial bait may be used. (No live bait.) 6. Life jackets must be worn at all times while boat is moving on plane with the gasoline engine. 7. No drinking of alcoholic beverages or use of illegal drugs of any kind will be allowed while on the boat during hours of the tournament, and extended through weigh-in. 8. Team tournaments consist of an Angler and a Co-Angler. All exceptions will be handled in accordance with club bylaws. 9. Co-Angler is to pay the Angler a minimum of $30.00 for share of Angler expense. 10. Monies collected for each team tournament will be paid out as follows: a. $76.00 for one (1) big fish per tournament. b. The balance of the pot will be paid one place to each of the top 50% (rounded to the lower half) competing teams up to and including 20 boats above which payback will be limited to the top ten teams. Payback rates will be as per approved pro-rated schedules. c. In case of a tie in weight between teams, the allotted prize money for the places will be added together and divided equally between the teams. Each team then receives the same number of points. 11. All contestants are expected to be courteous at all times and exhibit the highest standard of sportsmanship throughout the tournament. Good natured kidding will be allowed. 12. All contestants are expected to be on hand for the weigh-in, even if you weighed no fish. 13. The Tournament Director shall have the final word on all tournament related issues. 14. The following penalties will be assessed: a. A four (4) ounce penalty will be assessed for each dead fish. b. A one (1) pound penalty will be assessed for each short fish, and it's weight will not be counted. 15. All contestants must be within the no wake buoys on either side of the ramps by the end of the tournament or they will be disqualified. 16. Protests of any nature must be brought to the attention of the tournament director prior to the closing of the scales. 17. Tournament contestants may not use cell phones for calls, messages, or text messages to gain fishing advantage. 18. No hole setting will be allowed at any time during a club tournament. 19. No fishing inside the jetties at Dreher Island ramp during Club tournament hours.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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