2024 Lake Holiday Wednesday Night BFL

Sandwich, Illinois

A series designed to give members of Lake Holiday an opportunity to fish competitively in a shortened tournament format.
1. Takeoff begins at 5:30pm. We encourage you to be down by Beach 3 at 5:15pm for the boat number drawing. a. Late entry is okay, but please text tournament director Jason Bluis PRIOR to take off to be added to list of participants. b. Take off will take place just outside the no wake zone adjacent to beach 3. 2. The tournament ends at 8:30pm. All boats are required to be inside the No Wake Zone adjacent to Beach 3 at that time. Violations will result in a two pound penalty per minute you are outside the No Wake Zone. a. The tournament director will be set up and ready to weigh your fish promptly at 8:30pm out of respect to everyone's time. 3. There is a 3 Bass Limit for this tournament. Total weights wil be determined by weighing your heaviest 3 Bass. a. Species of Bass are limited to Largemouth bass and Smallmouth bass only. b. Please only come to the scales with 3 fish. 4. All Lake Holiday Boating Rules and Regulations will be applied during these tournaments. Any violation will result in disqualification 5. Life vest is required to be worn whenever big motor is running 6. 3 Lot Rule will be in effect 7. Must be member of Lake Holiday in good standing to be eligible to participate

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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