Jolly Gator Bass Tournament

Geneva, Florida

Jolly Gator Fish Camp Bass Club 

LOCATION : 4650 East State Road 46 | Geneva FL 32732

C.S. Lee Park

Payout = $20.00 Per Boat

Big Bass = $10.00 Per Boat

Classic = $10.00 Per Boat

TOTAL ENTRY FEE = $40.00 Per Boat


Tournament Schedule:

Tuesday Tournaments:  5pm – TBA

Saturday Tournaments:   Safe light – 2pm

Classic Tournament:     TBD


Classic will be held out at Jolly Gator on Sunday, August 17, 2019

Classic Entry Fee: $60.00

1st Big Bass Fee: $20.00

2nd Big Bass: $10.00

Total Classic Entry Fee: $90.00

1.      All state and coast guard rules apply.

2.      Artificial bait only

3.      (5) fish limit. No culling at ramp.

4.      Six (6) fish at scale will disqualify team.

5.      all 5 fish can be over 22 inches

6.      4 oz. penalty for dead fish.

7.      Fish measured on “Golden Rule”- 12” Minimum – FWC Rules & Regulations

8.      If you measure a fish under 12” - you will lose that fish AND big fish. If only one (1) fish is being weighed in and it is under 12” you will not receive any points

9.      Fish may be weighed before boat is loaded on trailer

10.  All protest to be made before the end of weigh-in - Protests voted on by four (4) of your peers.

11.  Points based on 100-point scale, team will get 25 points if you pay for tournament and don’t weight in

12.  After weigh in fish MUST BE released

13.  There is to be no getting out of boat for the purpose of catching or landing fish!

14.  Must stay at least fifty (50) yards from anchored boat. Un-sportsmen like conduct will disqualify the team.

15.  Two alternates per trail, per team member / no alternates for classic

16.  Registration form to be filled out before entering tournament.

17.  Late penalty: 1lb per minute:   Disqualification after 15 minutes.

18.  Anyone 21 years of age and younger who operate the vessel must meet Boater Safety Education requirements. Anyone under the age of 18 and not fishing with their parent or guardian must have written & notarized permission form from parent or guardian.

19.  Airboats not allowed for tournament fishing.

20.  Please have common sense when anchoring in channel where water is low. Bigger boats cannot slow down and could cause wake.

21.  No pre-fishing on day of Tournaments.

22.  MUST wear life preservers while running boat, if seen not wearing life preserver you WILL BE DISQUALIFIED


Pay-back 1 for every 7 boats. (21 boat minimum)

In order to qualify for the Classic you must place in the top 10 based on points.


If you place 1st in any one tournament you automatically qualify for the classic


must fish a minimum of 22 tournaments of the 27 total.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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