Joes Bait And Tackle Bass Club

Lake Dallas, Texas

Joes Bait & Tackle Bass Club was created to promote organized competitive bass tournaments involving individuals, families and guests, meet regularly to discuss all aspects of bass fishing, help anglers become more skilled and knowledgeable through competition and to make fishing enjoyable through fellowship, promote conservation and community service.
Tournament Rules Tournament participants including all members and guests are expected to obey all federal, state and local laws. Sportsmanship, courtesy, conservation and safe operation of boats is required of members and guests. A disregard of this expectation will justify disciplinary action including disqualification of the tournament and/or expulsion from the Club. Coast Guard approved personal floatation devices are to be worn and attached properly at any time the outboard engine is in operation and the boat is “on plane”. Intoxication to any degree during a tournament or weigh-in may result in disqualification from the tournament and expulsion from the Club. Participants under seventeen (17) years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. All fish must be caught on artificial bait using one rod at a time. Fishing is allowed from boats only. At no time may a participant leave the boat to fish. You may not access another lake or pond which is not connected to the designated tournament lake. No trolling with big motor. No fishing within 50 yards of another participant in the same tournament without permission of that angler. A member can sponsor an unlimited number of guests; however, no person may participate as a guest more than twice during the same tournament year and not in succeeding events. Guides are not allowed to fish as a guest. Tournament start time, weigh-in time and trailering will be the decision of the tournament director. Livewell checks will be at his or her discretion. All boats are required to have working livewells. A bag with adequate water is required for transporting fish to the weigh-in. Dead fish will be weighed. A half-pound will be deducted for each dead fish. Anglers are allowed a maximum of 3 fish and the largest 3 should be brought to the scale. After possessing the daily limit, contestants must cull immediately upon their next catch. Participants must be in the weigh-in line prior to the designated cut-off time as determined by the Tournament Director. Additional time will be allowed in the event the participant is delayed due to a crowded ramp. The participant MUST contact the Tournament Director prior to weigh-in cut off time if they will be late. Extensions are at the Tournament Directors discretion. All bass must be of legal length, measured with the mouth closed and tail squeezed / fanned to produce maximum length. Minimum length for Spotted/Kentucky bass on all lakes will be 10” unless state law specifies a minimum length longer than 10”. Minimum length for Smallmouth bass on all lakes will be 14” unless state law specifies a length longer than 14”. Minimum length for Largemouth bass and Spotted/Kentucky bass on “Slot Limit” lakes such as Lake Fork and Grapevine will be 10” unless state law specifies a length longer than 10”. Except on Slot Limit lakes minimum length for Largemouth bass shall be 14” unless state law specifies a length longer than 14”. Any tournament participant may request a ‘courtesy measure’ PRIOR to presenting their fish for weigh-in to avoid a short fish penalty. Any fish not of legal or eligible length at the time of weigh-in will be disqualified and the fisherman will be assessed a one (1.0) pound penalty per disqualified fish. A disqualified angler will receive zero points. In the event of a tie for heaviest stringer the winner shall be determined by the total number of fish, then the total number of fish alive. If a tie still occurs the monies will be combined and split. Example: Tie for first: monies for first and second combined and split 50/50. In the event of a tie for heaviest fish the winner shall be determined by the heaviest stringer. Off limits start at 12:01am 2 days prior to the tournament date unless voted and approved at the Club meeting prior to the tournament.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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