Fishing For Friends

Lynchburg, Virginia

This is a benefit tournament for The Male Breast Cancer Coalition.  We are using this weigh app as a trail run.  

Fishing For Friends
Benefitting The Male Breast Cancer Coalition
Tournament Rules and Waiver
Follow all Department of Game and Inland Fisheries rules and regulations
o If DGIF issues a summons for any violation your team will be disqualified
Blast off will be at 7am sharp or at safe light (determined by Tournament Director)
o Blast off from dock near no wake buoys
Be sure to idle past buoys before powering up
If applicable live-well checks will be done as you launch boat
o If not you will need to idle past tournament director as you launch for visual inspection of live-well at dock near no wake buoys
Five fish limit
o Largemouth, smallmouth or spotted bass
o 14 inch minimum
o All must be alive 
.50 weight penalty for each dead fish
Boats must have a working live well
o Please remember to use ice or other methods to keep water cool 
o Use of juices or additives to keep fish alive is acceptable
Each boat may only consist of either one boater or one boater and one co-angler (no more than two persons per boat)
Trolling is prohibited
Angler must have only one rod in use at a time
Artificial bait only
Tie breaker will be determined by biggest fish
Life jackets on at all times when outboard motor is running
o Boater must use kill switch and have it attached to person
Team members are only allowed to exit boat for emergencies or bathroom breaks
o Contact Tournament Director Matt Harrup @ 434-944-6828 if you have an emergency (after calling 911, if you are able to) or break down
Must be back inside no wake zone @ Parkway Marina by 3pm for weigh in which starts @ 3:15pm
o No fishing allowed inside wake zone after 3pm
Entry fee will be split 60% goes to tournament winnings and 40% goes to the benefit
Big fish pot will pay out 100%
o Two paying big fish spots if over 30 boats enter
Any donations are welcome
You must sign release of liability waiver
o Your signature on waiver also represents that you understand and acknowledge the rules for this tournament mentioned above
Thank you for participating and helping us raise money for this benefit!

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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