East Coast Land Based Shark Fishing Series

Miami, Florida

shark fishing tournament only you can only catch from land which means Bridge, pier and/or beach you can cast out with spinning reel rods but you have to catch from bridge, pier or the beach, kayak bait deployment is allowed
rules only 6 types of sharks with count for qualification, Nurse shark, Hammerheadshark, bullshark, tiger shark, and blacktip shark each shark caught must be landed and measured with a tape measured ruler, qualifying sharks cannot be landed with artificial bait only natural bait such as stingray, jacks,lady fish and or live bonnethead sharks or any natural bait, all sharks must be hooked with inline circle hooks and angler must be able to catch and release sharks without any delaydepending on your state waters, all anglers must have a fishing license and follow state and federal guidelines.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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