Tri Lakes Catfish Club Tournament Trial

Greenwood, South Carolina

Tri Lakes Catfish Club Rules (Subject to revisions) · $60.00 Entry fee $20.00 Big fish pot (Optional) · 7:00 PM Blast off, lines out at 1:00 AM Must be visible at weigh in line by 2:00 AM · Sign up begins at 6:00 PM · No rod or man limit per boat · Livewells will be checked at the ramp · 3 Fish weigh in ALL FISH MUST BE ALIVE · 100% Payout (60%/30%/10%) Big fish 100% · Trailering allowed but must leave at 7:00 PM from ramp · No fishing with in 100 ft. of another anchored vessel • Tournament lake will be off limits 24 hours before tournament time unless catching bait with ultra light tackle or cast net · Contacts: Hunter Ferqueron 864-980-8473 or Neal Ferqueron 864-980-5037

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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