Cherokee Bassmasters 2021-2022

Gaffney, South Carolina

Cherokee Bassmasters Bass Club
Cherokee Bassmasters 2021 -2022 Rules • $30 Membership fee – Each member will be issued a membership card which you must present at each tournament. • $60 Tournament Entry fee per boat. (Cash Only) • Sportsmanship is a must! Respect your fellow angler and his water! • 5 Bass Limit. Fish must be 14” minimum with exception of 12” at Hartwell Tournament • There will be a .25 pound deduction for each dead fish. • After we exceed 15 boats, we will blast off in groups of 5 by boat number. • Blast off will be determined by a signal from the tournament director. • Members must fish a minimum of 3 tournaments to qualify for the fish off. • Fish off lake will be off limits 5 days prior to the tournament. • $10 of each entry fee will go towards the Big fish pot and will be paid out according to the number of boats participating in each event. • Remaining monies will be paid out as follows: o 1-10 Boats 1st Place 60% 2nd Place 40% o 11-20 Boats 1st Place 50% 2nd Place 30% 3rd Place 20% o 21 Boats & Up 1st Place 50% 2nd Place 25% 3rd Place 15% 4th Place 10% • Points will be awarded as follows: o 1st Place 50 points o 2nd Place 49 points o 3rd Place 48 points etc… for as many boats that participate. • If you do not weigh any fish in, you will receive 15 points less than the last place finisher • There will be (2) Angler of the year awards and (1) Big Fish Award for the regular season. In the event of a tie for the Angler of the year, the winner will be determined by total weight for the year. • Points Champion(s) will be eligible to fish free for the fish off. • Tournament Officials reserve the right to check any live wells before each tournament. • The Tournament committee is solely responsible for the interpretation of the tournament rules. • We will not accept any new members after October 23rd, 2021 for this season.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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