Central Michigan Bass

Lansing, Michigan

We are a Bass Club based out of Lansing Michigan. We fish Monday Nights and Saturday mornings. There is a $20 membership to join the club. We have a 2 day classic at the end of the year. 

                                 Central Michigan Bass

                                                                                                   2018 RULES AND REGULATIONS


1.     All State and Federal Parks and Wildlife regulations shall apply at all times.

2.     Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs – Consuming or possession of alcoholic beverages or drugs (other than legal prescription) during tournament hours (tournament hours are defined as fishing regulation time) or tournament practice is prohibited.  Anglers in violation of this rule will be subject to disqualification.

3.     Sportsmanship – All contestants are expected to practice courtesy, safety, and follow local and state game laws.  Any angler breaking the sportsmanship code of conduct could result in disqualification for the tournament that day (by a tournament official) and could even have their membership revoked.  Some examples of breaking the sportsmanship code of conduct would include

4.     2018 Championship Requirements – Must fish 10 of the 12 weeknight or 5 of the 7 weekend tournaments to qualify for the 2018 Classic.  If you fish both leagues weekend tournaments count as 2 weeknight tournaments

If you fail to meet the tournament minimum, you will not be eligible to fish the championship. You may prebuy 2 tournaments.  Money must be given to the Directors before the tournament you plan on prebuying.


Baits and Tackle – Only artificial lures may be used with the exception of pork rinds and liquid bait attractants.  No live bait & No trolling.  Only one rod per person may be used at one time.

5.     Permissible Waters –

a.     All fish must be caught from a boat. 

b.     No fishing allowed within 25 yards of a non-anchored boat without that teams permission or within 50 yards of a competitor’s boat, which was first anchored.

6.     No Wake Zones – Wake Zone Areas must be honored.  There is NO WAKING under working/open overpasses/bridges.  There will be NO PASSING on curves!  Passing in a NO WAKE zone is NOT allowed, unless the team you are passing has their combustion motor turned off.  Any violation of NO WAKE zone rules will result in an automatic disqualification.

7.     Weigh-in Fish Procedures –

a.     When you bring fish in and don’t know if it is going to board, it is your responsibility to take it to the courtesy bump board station and pre-bump your fish before releasing it to an official.

b.     If you are sure that your fish is of proper length, you can take it to the official’s weigh-in station.  The official will not advise you if your fish will board or not until the fish is in the official’s tub/tank.

c.     Once you have put your fish into the official’s tub/tank, the fish will be considered the official’s fish and cannot be taken back by the angler for any reason.  (If an angler tries to take fish out for the purpose of rechecking or changing their mind, then it will fall under Rule 10.)

d.     The official will ask the angler for the biggest fish.  It is the angler’s responsibility to reach in, grab the fish and then hand it to the official or put the fish in the basket (whichever the official prefers) (Official will not do this for you.)  Weighing in your big bass is optional; however, Rule 9 will apply.

8.     Scoring Big Fish – Big fish is defined as the biggest fish in your bag at weigh-in.  You may lose your big fish if the following applies:

a.     If you have a fish that is too short as defined in Rule 10 you will lose that fish and your big fish which will make your big bass ineligible for big fish pay out.

9.     Short Fish – Short fish is defined as fish not meeting the states guidelines on fish length.  Michigan bass length is 14 inches.

10.   Scoring Fish –

a.     A maximum of 5 fish per team will be allowed to be weighed in per tournament.  Any team bringing in more than 5 fish to weigh in will be disqualified.

b.     1 dead fish penalty of 1 lb. will be deducted from their total weight.  2 dead fish will be disqualified.

11.   Ties – Teams having exact weights will have the big fish determine place and points.  If the big fish are the same, the number of fish will determine place and points.  If this is the same the winnings of the places combined and split equally along with the place points. 

12.   Off Limits – Any off limits areas will be announced prior to the start of the tournament.  Any violation will result in automatic disqualification.

13.   Late check-ins at the Start of the Tournament – Must follow the rules under “Live Well/Boat Checks”, go to nearest boat fishing tournament and have them check wells.  The boat checking live wells must verify with official at weigh in that the live wells were checked.

14.   Late check-ins – If you are not in the launch area at the end of a tournament appointed time, you will be disqualified. 

15.   Team Numbers – It is the contestants responsibility to know their flight numbers, check in times, and the official time for all events.  If unsure, please ask so that you respect the other angler’s launches. Start boat will be given to the highest drawn number or the person who draws the start boat chip. Either or.

16.   Live Well/Boat Checks –

a.     It is the responsibility of all contestants to have their live wells checked.  If you have not had your live well checked by a tournament official for the event you are fishing, you are not eligible to fish until you have been checked.  Tournament officials will do everything in their power to check 100% of the boats, but ultimately, the responsibility is on you, the angler.

17.   Substitutions –

a.     No more than 4 substitutions per team per year are allowed for any Central Michigan Bass tournaments.  You are not required to have the same angler sub for the tournaments but, the 4 substitutions are total, and not a per angler allowance.

b.     To use a sub, at least one angler from the registered team must be present. (i.e. both anglers cannot be substituted during that same tournament).

c.     Subs are not allowed to fish the Championship Tournament.  Only members that qualify for the championship may be paired with one another at the championship.

18.   Points System – 2018 points system are assessed on 2 criteria:

a.     Total weight of your fish

b.     10 points for showing up

19.   Questions / Clarifications – If at any time you have questions or need clarification related to the rules and regulations for any event, please contact the tournament official immediately.

20.   Schedule Changes – Central Michigan Bass reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, or adjust the times for any event on the schedule.

21.   Cheating – Central Michigan Bass will not tolerate cheating!!  You will be DISQUALIFIED FOR LIFE and your registration and membership fee will not be refunded. 



Central Michigan Bass Director: Dan Ockert – (517) 749-2378


Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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