Big Rock Fishing Derby 2024

Mistissini, Quebec, Canada

BIG ROCK FISHING DERBY RULES 2024 CATCH AND RELEASE DERBY 1) Derby is open to everyone. 2) 16 years and up must include one 18-year-old or over per team 3) Derby teams must register at the Mistissini Sports & Recreation located at 206 Main Street. The entry fee is $ 750.00 per team for pro category & $ 650.00 for the amateur category (max of 4 participants) to enter in the fishing derby. Teams of 2 will be permitted but the team fee remains the same. 4) All teams will be required to go on the weighfish website with the QR code. This website will be used to record and submit your catches for weigh-ins throughout the derby 5) All entry fees are non-refundable. No one will be allowed to enter if the payments are not respected as set out in clause 1. YOU MUST BE A REGISTERED PARTICIPANT TO BE ALLOWED ON THE BOAT AND PAY YOUR REGISTRATION FEE BEFORE YOU ARE ALLOWED TO FISH. 6) One fishing reel and rod will be permissible per person for fishing. Extra rods and reels can be on board but not in use. No other method of fishing will be allowed (Fishnet, night hooks, any kind of under water fishing...) 7) Friday, July 12 & Saturday, July 13, 2024, the fishing period will start at 8:00am - 8:00pm sharp. On Sunday July 14, 2024, it will start at 8:00am - 3:00pm sharp. By the end of each day all participants need to be in line for the weigh in, once the line is closed by security and you are not in line your fish will not be accepted. If you fish outside of the derby hours, then you will be immediately disqualified. No exceptions will be allowed. All arrivals will be issued a ticket to confirm their arrival time. You will need this ticket to present at the weigh-in station. All fish presented MUST be alive with an arrival ticket. THE FISHING BOUNDARY WILL BE OPEN FOR THE DURATION OF THE DERBY! 8) Only two (2) must be registered and marked per day, per team. Each team will be allowed to weigh-in & measure six (6) walleye fish throughout the derby. Information pertaining to each fish entered will be recorded by each derby participant. The winners will be determined by calculating the total weight & length of the Total six (6) fish. Tiebreaker will be by who had the heaviest fish from the first day, if still a tie, then will goto the heaviest fish on the second day and to the last day. The fish entered must be able to swim away after the weigh-in, if it is not able to swim away on its own after one (1minute), the entry will not be accepted. Note: Minimum Walleye Lengths • Amateur Category: 16” or more to qualify for measurement • Pro Category: 18” or more to qualify for measurement Daily Walleye Draw The organizing team is please to announce a daily draw for walleye during the derby. Here’s how it works: • The team that catches a walleye closest to a predetermined weight will be declared the winner • The daily draw will take place at the weigh-in station every morning during the derby 9) Only one (1) pike will be registered and marked per day per team. The information pertaining to each fish entered will be recorded by each derby team. The length of the pike should be 20” or more to qualify for the measurement. The winners will be determined by calculating the weight of ONE FISH ONLY (the biggest). (Please release anything below 20 inch back into the water alive and uninjured) 10) If any boat that has more than 2 walleyes and more than 1 pike in the live well or container, all fish will be put back in the water. 11) Teams are not allowed to exchange their catch or donate their catch. Team must catch their own fish. The fish must be alive when brought to the measuring points. Team may register their fish at the measuring station located at Mistissini Lodge. If a team is seen or caught by a boat security or a witness giving your fishing rod to another team during the catch, both teams will be disqualified from the derby and also will not be allowed to register for the following year’s derby. 12) Fish Finders or GPS are allowed, live well as aerated container are allowed. No hunting equipment should be on board the boat. No Drone are allowed as well. NOTE: Pro category: • Livescope and Mega Live will be permitted Amateur category: • No livescope or Mega Live will be permitted 13) Derby participants are only allowed to fish within the boundaries indicated on the maps provided to each participant, boundary areas will be marked with ribbons. There will be marked areas (buoys) and speed limit areas that are to be respected. 14) The competitors may not go ashore without permission of an official and/or other boat nearby. 15) Each boat must be inspected prior to the start and end of each derby day at the measuring point, Mistissini Lodge. Officials may inspect/board your boat at any time during tournament hours to ensure integrity of the derby. Each boat must have its identification number in a conspicuous place. 16) No fishing will be allowed within the marked area of the measuring station. Enter measuring station slowly and depart in the same fashion. 17) Non-Cree beneficiaries are required to have both access right fishing permits (Contact Reserve faunique Assinica). 1584 QC-167, Chibougamau, Qc 18) If failed to comply with the rules and regulations of the fishing derby, participants and/or the boat will be disqualified from the derby. If you notice any violation of the derby rules, notify an official immediately in writing and give them the violator’s boat number and boat description. 19) Absolutely no alcohol or drugs will be tolerated during the derby hours. The boat shall be disqualified if found guilty of the rule. Anyone found under the influence will be deemed unfit to participate for that day and will not be allowed to board the boat. 20) If a team is caught outside of the boundaries the boat and its participants will be disqualified from the derby and suspended for the next derby 21) Any boat caught on shore without permission will be disqualified unless if it’s an emergency 22) In the event of fraud or rule violation discovered during the derby or subsequent to the awarding of any prizes, the coordinator or judges or derby committee reserves the right to change their decision or immediate disqualification will result and/or prosecuted. Furthermore, you shall be banned from other initiated derbies by the derby committee and/or its affiliates. The derby winners shall return the prizes if discovered fraud was perpetuated and/or cheating and must compensate any damages resulting from his or her fraudulent activity. 23) Each derby participant understands and agrees to comply with all rules and regulations as set by the Big Rock Fishing Derby Committee. 24) Any rules discussed and/or posted in any form that may contradict the official rules of the derby, this official list hereby supersedes those discussed and/or posted. 25) It is mandatory to have life jackets on the boat, number of life jackets must match number of participants on each boat. (It is highly recommended to wear the life jackets) 26) In regard to using bait, you are only permitted to using what is natural to Mistissini Lake and its water systems. I.e. Worms and leeches are permitted. No Minnows of any kind are allowed. Please verify with the Big Rock Fishing Derby Committee before using any bait. We need to respect the rules and regulations that govern the Mistissini Lake and its water systems in accordance to the Cree Nation of Mistissini and Ministry of Natural Resources It is recommended to always check if it’s clear when casting a fishing rod. It is recommended to have enough snacks, water or non-alcohol drinks when on board. It is recommended to advise someone of your destination and time you plan to return. It is recommended upon passing other derby participants to slow down from other participants. It is recommended that each boat have a boat safety kit. RELEASE: It is expressly understood that all derby participants enter at their own risk. The Big Rock Fishing Derby Committee or the coordinator or any other person (s) or organizations affiliated with the derby committee will not be responsible for any damage, theft, personal injuries, and accidents of any nature or even death. Each derby participant must be always cautious during this 2024 derby event. GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN AND A SAFE FISHING DERBY I have read and agree to comply with the Big Rock Fishing Derby Rules, I will compete in a manner of sportsmanship and will not disrespect the lake, the committee, and the host community of Mistissini.

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Email the Tournament Director


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