Bass Master Royale.

Sacramento, California

Introducing the Bass Battle Royal – a month-long bass fishing tournament where anglers aim to secure victory with their three best bass! Cast your lines and embark on a month of angling. It’s not just about quantity; it’s about the combined inches of your top three bass. In the end, the angler with the most impressive total inches will claim the title of Bass Battle Royal Champion! Are you ready to measure up to the challenge?
Bass must be measured on a (Frabill Expandable Bump Board | Convenient Fish Measuring Board | Measures Fish from 8-36") that you can purchase on Amazon Bass Battle Royal Challenge Rules: 1. **Three-Bass Limit:** Participants can submit a maximum of three bass for consideration. 2. **Total Inches:** The total length of the three bass will be measured and considered for ranking. 3. **Closed Mouth Measurement:** When measuring each bass, ensure their mouths are closed for accurate length assessment. (your bass will not qualify if the mouth is open in the photo you submit.) 4. **Bump Board Requirement:** Use a bump board to measure the length of each bass. Lay the bass flat with the nose against the board and take a clean picture of the length. 5. **Submission Protocol:** Anglers must capture clear pictures of each bass on the bump board, showcasing the length and you tournament card. Submit these photos to the designated group chat for verification. 6. **Group Chat Communication:** Participants are required to join the group chat dedicated to the tournament and share their catch pictures promptly. 7. **Release Video:** Alongside the photos, anglers must provide a short release video for each bass, ensuring the well-being of the fish. 8. **Submission Deadline:** All entries must be submitted within the designated timeframe, respecting the one-month duration of the tournament. 9. **Fair Play:** Anglers are expected to adhere to ethical fishing practices, respecting the environment and fellow participants. 10. **Winner Determination:** The angler with the highest total inches from their three best bass catches, following the rules, will be declared the Bass Battle Royal Champion! 11. ** Prizes:** 1st place: $20 per entry 2nd place: $8 per entry 3th place: $5 per entry

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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