Bama Hammers Bass Club

Pell City, Alabama

Purpose of this club is To stimulate public awareness of bass fishing as a major sport. To improve our skills as bass anglers through fellowship and the friendly exchange of bass-catching techniques and ideas. To organize and conduct select fishing events and to act as the caretakers of the environment.
1. Club Dues $50 a year. 2. Club meetings will be at 7:00 pm at the in Pell City 3. Entry Fee $40 of which $30 goes to the tournament pay out, $10 to Classic Fund. 4. Club will fish 12 tournaments a year. 5. Tournaments will be held – see club schedule 6. Life jackets must be worn when boat is on plane. 7. Tournament times, Lake,and Launch will be determined by top 12 in points ( after inaugural year) 8. A member can fish solo or with another club member provided both paid entry fee and keep the fish they catch separated. NO COMBINING OF FISH TO MAKE LARGER WEIGHT FOR EITHER MEMBER .Only Spotted,Large Mouth and Small Mouth bass will be weighed NO DEAD FISH WILL BE WEIGHED. 9. The minimum length for any bass that can be weighed in will be 12″. On slot lakes or lakes with greater minimum length limits, fish caught that do not meet state regulations will be measured on a golden rule. 10. 5 fish per member 11  Points system- 2 Points for attending meeting 2 points for fishing tournament , and total weight (10lbs = 10 points ) 13. Big fish pot will be side pot from entry fee money will go to the member that actually caught the big fish of the tournament who paid money into the side pot. In case of a tie pot will be split 50/50 14. Tournament reschedule only by tournament director due to safety issue. 15. If you don’t pay before launch you don’t fish. Unless emergency arise on way to launch and is decided by Tournament Director and President 16 Any other issue arises the Club Officers will decide on appropriate action to take.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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