Angling Against Autism

Port Allen, Louisiana

Since 2011, Angling Against Au�sm tournament has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for children diagnosed with au�sm and other behavioral condi�ons in and around the Baton Rouge area. Proceeds from the 2023 Team Bass Tournament will: $ Pay for 2 individuals to receive day habilita�on services through the J. Aurthor Bergeron Scholarship Fund and the Lana Valley Estopinal Scholarship Fund. $ Help support the bread bakery project at Port City Enterprises, support employment and day�me ac�vi�es for teens & adults with all types of disabili�es in and around West Baton Rouge Parish. Port City Disabili�es Services 836 7th Street, Port Allen, LA 70767 225-344-1142
1. Rule Changes: Rules will remain unchanged throughout the event. Tournament Director’s decision on rules will be final. Weigh master can refuse to weigh any fish, and has final say on disqualifica�on based on length of fish, etc. 2. Sportsmanship: State, Federal and Local Laws must be obeyed. No alcoholic beverages allowed in boat during tournament hours. Any contestant who displays poor sportsmanship, violates these rules, or Rish and Game laws of the State of Louisiana will be disqualified. 3. Eligibility: This is a 2-person team tournament open to all persons, but single anglers are welcome. One team member opera�ng combus�on engine must be at least 18 years old. An adult choosing a minor as a partner will take responsibility for that minor. 4. Registra�on: Each team member must sign entry form. Signing the entry form signifies each team member has read, understands and agrees to follow the rules as they are wri�en. One team member must register in person at tournament site (Doiron’s Store) the morning of the tournament. Registra�on will begin at 4:30 am. 5. Applica�ons: Mailed applica�ons must be postmarked by 6:00 pm Tuesday prior to tournament date. Applica�ons will be accepted at the Landing on the morning of the tournament. 6. Fishing Hours: A�er you register, you may leave the landing when you feel it is safe to run. The tournament will begin at daylight. Tournament Director will determine �me to start. You must have boat chip on board at pavilion by 3:00 pm. Any boat chip not on the board by 3:00 pm will disqualify that team. 7. Protest: All protests must be submi�ed in wri�ng to the Tournament Director within 15 inutes a�er the weigh scales are closed. Tournament Director must be informated of such ac�on prior to or during weigh-in. 8. Safety: Safe boa�ng conduct is required at all �mes. Unsafe opera�on of a boat disqualifies the team. All boats must have USCG approved life jackets which must be on and secured when combus�ble engine is running. In case of an emergency or break down, one angler may take their catch aboard another tournament boat to go to weigh-in. Boats must be equipped with running lights and working kill switch. 9. Tackle: Only ar�ficial lures can be used. No live bait or trolling permi�ng. A contestant may use only rod and reel at a �me. 10. Boat Equipment: Safety Equipment adequate to pass US Coast Guard regula�ons must be in boat at all �mes. All boats must be equipped with func�onal live well with aerator pump to keep fish alive. No iced fish will be accepted. Boat length will be a maximum of 14 feet with outboard engine. 11. Permi�ed Fishing Water: Doiron’s Landing either side. No crossover permi�ed. No fishing permi�ed in Doiron’s launch canal or within 50 yards of another compe�tor’s boat which was first anchored or secured in a fixed posi�on. Pullovers are not allowed. Waters that are posted (off limits, no fishing, or no trespassing and private property) by State or Local authori�es or any posted water where the public is not allowed is off limits to fish or cross over by all compe�tors. If compe�tors are uncertain about off limit areas, they should contact the Tournament Director. NO FISHING SOUTH OF HWY 90, EAST OF THE ATCHAFALAYA RIVER EXCEPT FOR BATEMAN ISLAND WHICH WILL BE OPEN. 12. Limit: Five (5) bass limit per team. Minimum length 12” measured on flat board. Any team a�emp�ng to weigh more than 5 fish or fish shorter than 12” will be disqualified. Only 5 bass in livewell at a �me. Culling at the landing is not allowed. There will be 4 oz. or .25 lb. deduced for each dead fish. If dead fish is largest, penalty will be assessed to that fish. Largest bass will decide all �es. Total weight will decide a �e for Big Bass. If Big Bass and Total Weight are �ed, a coin flip will determine the placing. 13. Prizes: A total cash prize of $600 or more is considered taxable income by the IRS. Teams that win a cash prize of $600 or more will be taxed as applicable. 14. Polygraphs will be conducted.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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