2024 Giggin N’ Grinnin

Fyffe, Alabama

All state laws and bag limits will apply. All team members must be present at Shine’s BBQ for check-in (8:00 PM) and weigh-in (8:00 AM) The heaviest bag of 40 frogs maximum per team will determine the winner. The Big Frog Award will be determined by the single heaviest frog of the night. The number of payout places will be determined by the number of teams, for every 5 teams registered an additional place will be paid out. Firearms will be allowed, you may choose to harvest frogs however you please, as long as it complies with state laws. Any team late for the weigh-in (8 am) will be disqualified. Hunting is only allowed during tournament hours, anyone caught hunting in advance will be disqualified. You may not hunt with anyone except your team members, team members cannot be changed after check-in. Anyone caught party hunting will be immediately disqualified.

Email the Tournament Director

Email the Tournament Director


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